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CME 2 3rd L10

L10 我的新学校

我们学校有一千多个学生。 There are over 1,000 students in our school.
香港的冬天不太冷,气温在十三左度左右。 Winter in Hong Kong is not very cold. The temperature is around 13 degrees.
我们会在上海待两个月左右。 We will stay in Shanghai for about two months.
我每天晚上十点左右睡觉。 I go to bed at around 10 p.m. every night.
他今天弹了大约两个小时钢琴。 He played the piano for around 2 hours today.
这个商场里有六十多家商店。 There are more than 60 shops in this mall.
我邀请了好几个朋友来参加我的生日会。 I invited quite a few friends to come to my birthday party.
我昨天给他打了好几个电话。 I called him quite a few times yesterday.
我在上海工作了好几年。 I worked in Shanghai for quite a few years.
我交了好几个新朋友。 I have made quite a few new friends.
他买了好几双鞋。 He bought quite a few pairs of shoes.
我们学校有好几幢教学楼。 Our school has quite a few teaching blocks.
我在北京待了好几天。 I stayed in Beijing for quite a few days.
她感冒了好几天。 She had a cold for quite a few days.
Created by: Ms. Liaw
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