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Nutrition & perf

What is DSHEA? Regulates supplements
DSHEA regulates things such as... Vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and minerals
Carbohydrate examples Fruit. Pasta. Rice. Bread. Oatmeal. Candy. Ice cream. Potatoes. Cereal.
An RD... Works in clinical population and can give specific meal plans
Unlike an RD, an xercise physiologist can only.... Give general recommendations (based off peer review literature)
Complex CHO release _____ More rapid insulin response
The ability of the body to respond to CHO is known as Glycemic index
How quickly CHO turns into sugar ---> causes insulin spike Glycemic index
CHO recommendations for RT 3-5 g/kg/d
CHO recommendations for endurance training 4-7 g/kg/d
How does BMR differ from RMR? BMR follows much stricter conditions, including 12 hrs of fasting..digestive system must be inactive, hospital setting
What are some low carb diets? Ketogenic. Zone. Paleo. Atkins.
3 potential metabolic enhancements of low CHO (high fat) diets Increase ability to oxidize fat. Glycogen sparing. Increasing lactate threshold.
What is carb cycling? On rest day, consume low carbs and on RT days, consume high carbs.
What happens when we do carb cycling? The catabolic state is reset shifting things to an anabolic state.
During carb cycling, on rest day when we consume low carbs...we are ___and when we intake high carbs we are..... Maximizing fat loss - maximizing protein synthesis
Why CHO may enhance hypertrophy? Allows (+) muscle protein balance necessary for hypertrophy
Insulin ____protein degradation Decreases
1.2-1.3. This activity level is Sedentary
Light activity level.... 1.4-1.5
The moderate activity level is.... 1.6-1.8
The activity level for heavy/athletes: 1.9 -2.4
Someone that has an activity level of 3 .0 is more than likely.... Working out 2x a day
The protein recommendations for a sedentary person will be... 1.2-1.5 g/kg/d
An endurance athlete should consume ____ of protein 1.5-2.0g/kg/d
It is was recommended that a person RT should consume _____ protein 1.7-3.0g/kg/d
____ g/kg/d is needed to maintain nitrogen balance 2.0
It's important to take protein supplements pre and post training bc More amino acids are available
Immediate pre and post training resulted in.... Greater increase in lean body mass and muscle hypertrophy
Nutrient timing influences.... Magnitude of chronic adaptations to RT
Why should we consume CHO-pro for MPS? CHO opens up extra receptors. More AA in cell. Insulin upregulates MPS.
What are some roles of proteins? Basic building block of body. Gene regulation, repair & build muscle.
___ proteins must be obtained through the diet Essential
Nonessential proteins ____ Can be formed from other energy substrates.
Complete proteins contain....while incomplete proteins ___ All nine essential amino acids - do not
Complete proteins examples: Milk. Poultry. Fish. Eggs
Lentils, beans, corn and nuts are examples of ___ proteins Incomplete
Why is insulin important for protein synthesis? It allows for more AA to be open in cell
The essential amino acids (BCAA) are known as... Leucine. Isoleucine. Valine
____ is the most important amino acids for hypertrophy Leucine
Why do people get in a negative nitrogen balance? Not enough protein. Fasting. Overtraining.
3 methods of measuring protein quality. PDCAAS. Biological value (BV) and Protein efficiency ratio (PER)
The most valid way to measure protein quality: PDCAAS - protein digestibilty corrected amino acids
The PDCAAS_____ Compares AA profile of specific dietary protein with essential AA requirements
How many calories of CHO and protein are in 1g? 4kcals
How many calories of fat are in a gram? 9kcals
What stimulates glucose? Glut4 and insulin
____ and ____ increases no matter the macronutrient Insulin and glucose
Why must be increase water intake when increasing protein intake? Caused dehydration - b/c urea production increases...we need to be able to eliminate urea
The more protein we break down, the more ___ is produced Urea
Nitrogen balance is the indicator of.... How much nitrogen present and protein intake
Nitrogen (-) balance Nitrogen in < nitrogen out
Nitrogen in > nitrogen out Positive nitrogen balance
What is urea Breakdown of AA .... Creates urine
mTOR Regulates protein synthesis
What gets mTOR started and what maintains it? Leucine - other essential AA (valine, isoleucine)
What is the max. amount of leucine mTOR can handle? 3.0g
How do we gain lean body mass? Caloric surplus
How do we maintain lean body mass? Balance calories eaten & expended
What slow acting protein is recommended at night and for meal supplementation? Casein
Casein' s anabolic response.... Lasts much longer
What are some glycemic index myths? Simple CHO enter blood fast and complex carbs enter slow. GI is a useful tool in deciding healthy foods. It's a measure of hoe fast carbs are absorbed and digested
Whey has a _____ anabolic response Fast acting
What is the purest form of whey? Whey isolate
Whey concentrate Cheap, complete protein. Lactose 60-80%
Whey isolate is composed of 90 protein, <2% lactose
Hydrolyze whey Free AA floating around. Quicker digested.
Why is it good to do,nine whey and casein for nutrient timing purposes? Because whey is fast acting and casein is slow acting
Protein/CHO/fat ratio of a HIGH FAT diet 20:5:75
In high fat diets, protein is ___ and CHO is ___ Moderate - super low
LOW CHO Protein/CHO/fat diet ratio 45:25:30
In a low CHO diet, protein is ___ while Fat is ____ High - moderate
low CHO diets effect ____ exercise more negatively because this type of exercise is.... Endurance - highly dependent on CHO
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