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child develpment

What is Piaget's First Stage of Cognitive Development? Sensorimotor begins at 0 to 2 years as a reflexive response & becomes goal-directed, has a sense of self, object permanence.
What is Piaget's Second Stage of Cognitive Development? Preoperational stage is from 2 to 7 years, semiotic function, representational & imaginative play, ego-centric, lacks conservation of objects.
What is Piaget's Third Stage of Cognitive Development? Concrete Operational begins from 7 to 11 years, can solve conservation mental observations, symbolic & physical.
What is Piaget's Fourth Stage of Cognitive Development? Formal Operational from 11 years and older, logical, abstract thinking, social thought.
Vygotsky's sociolcultural Theory cognitive development scaffolding? Is the ways saying one learns from a experienced person. experience person w/draws gradually assitantce untill no longer needed.
Vygotsky's sociolcultural Theory cognitive development zone proximal development (ZPD)? Child need help,parent help to brigde the gap,then child does alone.
Vygotsky's sociolcultural Theory cognitive development skilled collaborators? Parents and teachers ( adults usually better helpers)guide participation for it tobe efective, must understand where child is coming from socially and culturally.
Vygotsky's sociolcultural Theory: Cognitive development is strongly related to culture social activity brings on development.
Information processing approach Limited capacity for information processing
Management of information Coming into the brian by limited systems is limited in capacity.
Multi-store Model structure set of process related to those structures broked down to components, sequential pieces cognitive grow heppend Because structure grows cognitive more room. accomodation
Limited Resource-model Emphasize a finite amount of cognitive energy available used, in varios ways cognitive development process became more efficiently w/ multistore, less energy use due to effeciency in processing.
Clasification Piaget said it is very limited untill age 7 .
Numerical concepts Piaget said idea of number amount is not develop untill school age cannot conserve number's.
Spatial relationships Piaget said kids knoledge of space is egocentric, or limited to their own perspective.
Attention Allows to individual to focus
Sustaining keep attention gradual increase especially at 6 years and up
Deploying Applying or directing attention to what you need to attend to inhibity attend to other things, screening.
Attention Deficit Disorder very commom disorder 10 years ago 1porcent had it the best treatment and retraining. now 3-5 porcent have it can be genetic.
Recognition seeing the anwser on the test. infants have regonition and grows w/them.
Recall Remembering the answer span of recall increases w/age. strategies used to recall. processing speed increases for larger span of memory.
Elicited imitation Memory is there before language.
Problem solving skills Representation think symbolicPlaning goals directed A) to can see steps to the goal.B) adaptabilityc)sttrategy choice how trial
Scientific thinking Applying to find answer piaget said not posible to said think until give evidence and kids can deduce from given evidence.
Executive Function coordination of all cognitive process and related to pre-frontal cortes, related to metacognition or ability to think about thinking.
Created by: lguyette07