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JLPT N5 expressions

common expressions

あの um...
あちら there
あっち over there
あの that over there
あれ that
いいえ no
ええ、はい yes
ください please
この this (here in front or in hold)
これ this (here on sight)
こんな such
さあ well...
しかし however
じゃあ well then...
そして and
そこ that place
そちら over there
そっち over there
そば near, beside
それ that
それから after that
それでは in that situation
たぶん probably
だんだん gradually
ちょうど exactly
ちょっと somewhat
でわ with that...
でも but
どうぞ please (help yourself to..)
どうも thanks
時々  (ときどき) sometimes
とても very
など et cetera
本当  (ほんとう) truth
また again, and
まだ yet, still
皆さん  (みなさん) everyone
みんな everyone
もう already
も一度 (もいちど) again
もっと more
よく often, well
より、ほう used for comparison
Created by: EmmH