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ch. 21

study guide: restorative nursing

What is the Goal of Restorative Nursing, Rehabilitation To help a resident regain function or recover from illness, to develop and promote a residents independence, to allow a resident to feel in control of his life, and to help a resident accept or adapt to the limitations of a disability.
Regular exercise helps how? quality and health of skin, circulation, strength, sleep and relaxation, mood, self-esteem, appetite, elimination, blood flow, and oxygen level.
Importance of Body Alignment and Guidelines residents need to maintain proper body alignment. Aids recovery and prevents injury to muscles and joints. Observe principles of alignment. (straight lines) keep body parts in natural positions, prevent external rotation of hips, change positions often to
Guidelines to Help with Prosthetics handle carefully, follow the care plan, follow instructions to apply and remove follow care instructions, keep the prothesis and the skin under it dry and clean, sockoet must be cleaned daily, if ordered apply a stump sock before putting on the prothesis.
help with prosthetics cont' observe the skin on the stump, watch for signs of breakdown, never try to fix a prosthesis, don't show negative feelings, if instructed to care for artificial eye review care plan, if eye is removed wash eye with solution and rinse in warm water.
help with prosthetics cont' use a clean gauze square to clean eye. wipe gently from inner to outer of eye. reinsert eye moisten it and place it far under upper eyelid.
Body Movements Abduction <, Adduction>, extension , flexion, dorsiflexion, rotation, pronation, supination, opposition( fingers)
Deep Breathing Exercises help expand lungs, clearing them of mucus and preventing infection. Residents that are paralyzed or had abdominal surgery are encouraged to do deep breathing exercises regularly to expand lungs. can't assist with deep breathing.
Created by: amberhomsany