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Adjectives 3rd decl

Latin Adjectives 3rd declension

omnis -e all, every, as a whole
gravis -e heavy, serious
ingēns ingentis huge, enormous
tālis tāle such
levis -e light, trivial
trīstis -e sad, solemn, grim
pār paris equal
fortis -e brave
vetus veteris old
fēlīx -īcis lucky
prīnceps -cipis first, chief; (as subst.) leader, person in charge
mollis -e soft, yielding, gentle
turpis -e ugly, unsightly; disgraceful
dulcis -e sweet
similis -e like, similar
facilis -e easy
sapiēns -ntis wise; (as subst.) wise man, sage, philosopher
nōbilis -e distinguished, noble; (as subst.) a nobleman or woman
prior prius earlier, preceding
dīves dīvitis rich (poet. dīs, dītis)
potēns potentis able, powerful
ācer ācris ācre sharp, piercing
brevis -e short, shallow, brief
commūnis -e common, general
celer -is -e swift
recēns -ntis fresh, new
praesēns -ntis present, in person, ready
pauper -eris poor, lowly
ūtilis -e useful
difficilis -e not easy, hard, difficult
audāx audācis bold, daring; reckless
frequēns -ntis in large numbers, often
potis -e powerful, able
mortālis -e liable to death, mortal; (as subst.) a mortal
caelestis -e from or of heaven; caelestēs, the gods
volucer -cris -cre flying
fidēlis -e faithful
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