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Adjectives 1st&2nd

Latin Adjectives 1st & 2nd declension

māgnus -a -um great
suus -a -um his own, her own, its own
alius -a -ud other, another; ālias: at another time
multus -a -um much, many; multō, by far
tuus -a -um your
nūllus -a -um not any, no one
ūnus -a -um one
bonus -a -um good
tōtus -a -um whole, entire
prīmus -a -um first
superus -a -um situated above, upper
tantus -a -um so great, so much; (as pronoun) such a quantity, so much; tantī, at such a price, of such worth
vōs you (pl.); (gen.) vestrum/vestrī, (dat./abl.) vōbīs, (acc.) vōs
miser misera miserum wretched, pitiable
novus -a -um new
longus -a -um long, far
parvus -a -um small
alter altera alterum other of two
altus -a -um high, lofty; deep
medius -a -um middle, central
sōlus -a -um only, alone
ūllus -a -um any, anyone
amīcus -a -um friendly; (as subst.) friend
ferus -a -um wild, fierce; fera -ae f.: wild animal
malus -a -um bad, evil
līber lībera līberum free; līberī (m. pl.): freeborn children
saevus -a -um fierce, raging, wrathful
dūrus -a -um hard, tough, harsh
dexter -tra -trum right; dextera -ae f.: right hand
laetus -a -um glad, joyful
vester vestra vestrum your
certus -a -um sure, fixed
dīgnus -a -um worthy
cūnctus -a -um entire all together
hūmānus -a -um human
tūtus -a -um safe, protected
aliēnus -a -um foreign, strange
socius -a -um friendly, allied; socius -ī m.: partner, comrade
extrēmus -a -um farthest, situated at the end or tip, extreme
clārus -a -um clear, distinguished
sacer sacra sacrum holy, sacred
beātus -a -um happy, blessed, prosperous, fortunate
vērus -a -um TRUE
īnferus -a -um low; īnferior: lower; īnfimus or īmus: lowest
ultimus -a -um farthest, final, last, ultimate
grātus -a -um pleasant; grateful
plēnus -a -um full
cārus -a -um dear
nōtus -a -um well-known
tener -era -erum tender
nimius -a -um too much, excessive
singulī -ae -a one each
pūblicus -a -um public, belonging to the state
dubius -a -um doubtful; (as subst.) a doubt; sine dubiō, without a doubt, certainly
nūdus -a -um naked, bare
rēgius -a -um kingly, royal
pulcher -chra -chrum beautiful
honestus -a -um honorable
citus -a -um swift; citō swiftly
ingrātus -a -um: unpleasant, disagreeable
cēterus -a -um the other, the others, the rest
aequus -a -um equal
antīquus -a -um ancient, old-time, former
fessus -a -um weary, tired
varius -a -um changing, varied, various
falsus -a -um deceptive, false
niger nigra nigrum black
dīversus -a -um different, diverse
superbus -a -um overbearing, proud, haughty
adversus -a -um facing, opposed; unfavorable
sānctus -a -um sacred, inviolable
maestus -a -um sad, sorrowful; depressing
vacuus -a -um empty
vagus -a -um wandering, shifting
tertius -a -um third
aureus -a -um golden; splendid
candidus -a -um white, fair
sēcūrus -a -um free from care, tranquil; careless
caecus -a -um blind, unseeing; dark, obscure
aeternus -a -um everlasting, eternal
tardus -a -um slow, sluggish, lingering
pius -a -um dutiful, devoted, just, pious
rārus -a -um wide apart, loose, thin; rare, seldom
iūstus -a -um right, just, fair
reliquus -a -um remaining, rest
aeger aegra aegrum sick
integer -gra -grum: untouched, fresh, complete, whole
validus -a -um strong
rēctus -a -um straight, direct
lātus -a -um broad, wide
secundus -a -um following; favorable; (as numeral) second
castus -a -um pure, spotless, chaste
proprius -a -um one’s own, peculiar
vanus -a -um empty; false, deceitful
paucī -ae -a few, a few
ēgregius -a -um distinguished, uncommon
posterus -a -um next, later
prīvātus -a -um personal, private
perpetuus -a -um unbroken, perpetual
amplus -a -um large, spacious
aptus -a -um fit, suitable
foedus -a -um foul
albus -a -um white
vīcīnus -a -um neighboring, near
sānus -a -um sound, sane
inimīcus -a -um: unfriendly; (as subst.) enemy
dīvus -a -um divine, godlike; (as subst.) a god
plērus- plēra- plērumque the greater part, very many, most, the majority
mundus -a -um clean, neat, elegant
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