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Latin Adverbs

sīc in this manner, thus; sīc ... ut: in the same way as
hīc here; hinc: from here, hence, henceforth, next
magis more
ubi where, when
tam so, so much
ita thus, so
quidem certainly, at least
saepe often
semper always, ever
deinde/dein then, next
modo just, just now; modo ... modo: now ... now, at one moment ... at another, sometimes ... sometimes
parum too little
tantum, tantummodo only
haud not
bene well
ne (enclitic) interrogative particle attached to the emphatic word in a question
numquam never
prīmum at first, firstly
tot so many
simul at the same time
vērō in fact, certainly, without doubt
unde from where
quō for which reason; to or in what place; to what end, for what purpose?
inde from there, from then
satis, sat enough, sufficient, sufficiently
vix scarcely
diū: for a long time
tamquam so as, just as
hūc to this place
adhūc thus far, to this point
illīc at that place, there; illinc: from that place
procul at a distance
longē far, far off
super over (adv. and prep. +acc.)
cūr why?
tandem finally
nōndum not yet
rūrsus back, again
velut even as, just as
quīn (adv.) indeed, in fact; (conjunction) so that ... not (+ subj.)
adversus (-um) (adv. and prep.) facing, opposite, against, opposed (to)
mox soon
(adv.) there, to that place
umquam ever
prius or priusquam before
quamvīs however you like; although
quīppe (adv.) indeed, surely
ūsque up to; continuously
quemadmodum in what manner, how
quondam formerly, once
adeō (adv.) to such a degree, so
quantum (adv.) how much? how greatly? how much! how greatly! as much as
cēterum for the rest, in addition, however that may be
ōlim formerly, at that time
fortē by chance
certē certainly, surely
male (adv.) badly
ibi there
quandō when?; since; sī quandō: if ever
ecce behold!
ideō for this reason
praetereā besides, moreover
undique from all sides, on all sides
interim meanwhile
frūstrā in vain
iterum again
aliquandō at some time, at length
aliter otherwise, differently
quārē how? why?
semel once
sīcut just as
dēnique finally
statim immediately
forsitan, fortasse perhaps, perchance
nimis or nimium excessively
subitō suddenly, unexpectedly
paulō, paulum to only a small extent, slightly, a little
scīlicet certainly, of course
sōlum only, merely
prōtinus at once, forthwith
aequē equally
ferē almost
num interrogative particle implying negative answer
item likewise
quasi as if
paene almost
illūc to that place
posteā afterwards
celeriter quickly
quotiēns interr. how many times? how often? rel. as often as, whenever
plērumque generally
hodiē today
vērē truly
aegrē with difficulty
vulgō commonly
breviter briefly
fēlīciter luckily
fere entirely, commonly, almost
quoque also, likewise
quare how, by what means; therefore
potius rather, rather than (~ quam)
Created by: FordaKimchi