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Nouns 1st decl

Latin Nouns: 1st declension

terra -ae f. land
vīta -ae f. life
causa -ae f. cause, reason; causā + preceding genitive, for the sake of
fortūna -ae f. fortune
nātūra -ae f. nature
cūra -ae f. care, concern
īra irae f. wrath, anger
via -ae f. way, street
unda -ae f. wave, flowing water, water
poena -ae f. penalty, punishment
puella -ae f. girl; girl-friend
silva -ae f. forest, grove
umbra -ae f. shade, shadow
aqua -ae f. water
fāma -ae f. rumor, fame
flamma -ae f. flame, fire
turba -ae f. crowd, uproar
cōpia -ae f. abundance; (pl.) troops
patria -ae f. fatherland, country
lacrima -ae f. tear
glōria -ae f. glory, fame
fuga -ae f. flight, route
āra -ae f. altar
grātia -ae f. favor, influence, gratitude
iniūria -ae f.: injustice, wrong, affront
mora -ae f. delay, hindrance
coma -ae f. hair, tresses
aura -ae f. breeze
fōrma -ae f. shape; beauty
anima -ae f. breath, spirit
fēmina -ae f. woman
pecūnia -ae f. money
sententia -ae f. opinion, judgment
prōvincia -ae f. province; official duty
praeda -ae f. booty, prey
memoria -ae f. recollection, memory
pūgna -ae f. fist-fight; battle
rīpa -ae f. bank of a river
hōra -ae f. hour
amīcitia -ae f. friendship
invidia -ae f. envy, jealousy, hatred
littera -ae f. letter, (pl.) literature
dīvitiae -ārum f. pl. riches, wealth
lingua -ae f. tongue; language
mēnsa -ae f. table
victōria -ae f. victory
porta -ae f. gate
culpa -ae f. guilt, fault, blame
tenebrae -brārum f. pl. darkness, the shadows
sapientia -ae f. wisdom
opera -ae f. labor, activity, work
māteria -ae f. material, subject matter; timber, lumber
lūna -ae f. moon
īnsula -ae f.: island
fīlia -ae f.; fīlius -ī m. daughter; son
poēta -ae m. poet
stella -ae f. star
familia -ae f. household, family
epistula -ae f. letter
fābula -ae f. account, tale, story
scientia -ae f. knowledge
disciplīna -ae f. training, instruction; learning, discipline
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