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Latin verbs: Deponents

sequor sequī secūtus sum follow
patior patī passus sum permit, endure
morior morī mortuus sum die
nāscor nāscī nātus sum be born
loquor loquī locūtus sum speak, talk
ūtor ūtī ūsus sum use, consume, employ (+ abl.)
precor -ārī pray, invoke
mīror mīrārī mīrātus sum wonder at, marvel at (+ acc.)
queror querī questus sum complain of, lament
moror morārī morātus sum delay
orior orīrī ortus sum arise, begin
fateor fatērī fassus sum admit, confess; profess, declare; assent, say yes
experior -perīrī -pertus sum try thoroughly, test, experience
for fārī fātus sum report, say
reor rērī rātus sum think, imagine, suppose, deem
īrāscor īrāscī īrātus sum grow angry; īrātus -a -um: angry
proficīscor -ficīscī -fectus sum set forth, go
vereor verērī veritus sum fear, stand in awe of
ingredior -gredī -gressus sum: step in, enter
hortor hortārī hortātus sum urge strongly, advise, exhort
cōnor cōnārī cōnātus sum try, attempt
ēgredior ēgredī ēgressus sum stride out, depart, disembark from (+ abl.)
cōnsequor -sequī -secūtus sum follow up, overtake, attain
fruor fruī frūctus sum enjoy the produce of, profit by, use (+ abl.)
arbitror arbitrārī arbitrātus sum consider, think
cōnfiteor cōnfitērī cōnfessus sum admit (a fact), confess (a crime); reveal, disclose
Created by: FordaKimchi