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Hand Hygiene (Hand washing) soap, water, and paper towels
Knee -High Elastic Stocking knee-high stocking
Assist to Ambulate using Transfer Belt gait belt, non-skid shoes
Assists with Use of Bedpan bedpan, bedcover, protective pad, bath blanket, toilet paper, disposable wipes, towel, 2 pairs of gloves
Cleans upper or Lower Denture denture brush or toothbrush, denture cleanser or tablet, labeled denture cup, 2 towels, gloves
Counts and Records Radial Pulse and Respirations watch with a second hand, pen and paper
Donning and Removing PPE (Gown and Gloves) gown and gloves
Dresses Client with Affected (weak) right arm clean clothes of resident's choice and skid footwear
Feeding a Client who can't Feed self meal, eating utensils, clothing protector, washcloth or wipes
Gives Modified Bed Bath (Face, one arm, hand, and underarm) bath blanket, bath basin, soap, bath thermometer, 2-4 washcloths, 2-4 bath towels, clean gown or clothes, 2 pairs of gloves, nail brush, lotion, and deodorant
Measures and Records blood pressure blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, alcohol wipes, pen and paper
Measure and Records Urinary output gloves, contents of bedpan, measuring container, paper towels, pen and paper
Measures and Records Weight of Ambulatory Client standing/ upright scale or bathroom scale, pen and paper
Performs Modified Passive Range of Motion for One Knee and One Ankle pg. 385
Performs Modified Passive Range of Motion for One Shoulder pg. 383
positions on side draw sheet
Provides Foot Care on One Foot basin, bath mat, soap, lotion, washcloth, 2 towels, bath thermometer, clean socks, gloves
Provides Mouth Care toothbrush, toothpaste, emesis basin, gloves, towel, glass of water, lip moisturizer
Provides Perineal Care for female basin,
Transfers from Bed to Wheelchair Using Transfer Belt wheelchair, transfer belt, non-skid footwear, and lap robe or folded blanket
Created by: amberhomsany
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