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Carroll County HSA

Carroll County-Domestic Policy

What is domestic policy? The strategies and goals that a country had for providing for the general welfare of its people.
What are some of the economic goals related to domestic policy? Redistributing income, regulating business, environmental issues, Medicare/Medicaid, economic equity, minimum wage, public assistance, and Social Security.
What are entitlement programs? Programs that help citizens fulfill economic and social goals (Social Security, Medicare, etc).
What is the function of the Environmental Protection Agency? The EPA was created to help regulation the pollution of the environment. It sets and carries out air and water pollution policies.
What is the function of the Federal Communications Commission? The FCC was created to regulate the communications industry. It licenses broadcasting companies(Fox, ABC, PBS, radio stations) and sets standards of decency.
What is the function of the Federal Aviation Administration? It was created to control airports. It also hires air traffic controllers.
What is the function of the Food and Drug Administration? To make sure that the food and drug industry produces safe products.
What federal agency would investigate any inside trading on Wall Street? The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
What federal agency would investigate any discrimination in the work place? The Equal Employment and Opportunity Commission (EEOC).
What are the four main purposes for government regulation of business? Prevent abuses, Protect consumers, Limit negative externalities (negative side effects like air pollution and traffic congestion).
What is the purpose of the WIC program? Promotes health care and nutrition of low-income mothers and children under the age of five.
What is the purpose of Welfare? To provide financial assistance to people who are unable to support themselves.
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