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Carroll County HSA

Carroll County-Foreign Policy

What is Foreign policy? The strategies and goals that guide a nation's relations with other countries and groups in the world.
What are the national security interests of the USA? Securing our borders, fighting terrorism, stopping the proliferation of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction.
What are two foreign policy goals that promote a free market system? Promoting democracy and free and open trade.
What is a tariff? A tax in imports.
Whose job is it to carry out American foreign policy? The President.
What tools does the President have at his disposal to help him with foreign policy? The use of international organizations, treaties, military force, and economic sanctions.
Why was the United nations created after WW II? To prevent another world war and to promote international peace.
What two organizations work to stabilize the currency of developing nations and make low interest loans to these countries? The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.
What are the responsibilities of the International Red Cross? It aids disaster victims by providing emergency medical care and equipment to people in need. It also meets with prisoners of war in order to make sure they are being treated fairly.
What is NATO? A military treaty created after WW II that protects all NATO member nations from attack.
What is NAFTA? The North American Free Trade Agreement eliminated all trade barriers and tariffs between the USA, Mexico, and Canada.
What is an economic sanction? Economic sanctions are a punishment where the USA uses its economic power to influence other countries in order to achieve our foreign policy goals.
State the foreign policy goal for each situation: Sending National Guard troops to the US/Mexican border. National Security
State the foreign policy goals for each situation: Paying dues to the United nations to support peacekeeping missions. Promote World Peace
State the foreign policy goal for each situation: Signing NAFTA to encourage new markets for U.S. goods. Promote Free and Open Trade
State the foreign policy goal for each situation: Sending medical supplies to countries that were hit by a hurricane. Concern for Humanity
Created by: rdchiar