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abdomin (o) abdomen abdominal
aden (o) gland adenines: inflammation of a gland
angi (o) vessel angioplasty: surgical repair of a vessel using a ballon
arterio artery
arthr (o) joint
brachi (o) arm
bronchi, bronch (o) bronchus
card, cardi (o) heart
cephal (o) head cephalagia: headache
cerebr (o) cerebrum
chole, chol (o) bile cholecystitis: inflammation of the gallbladder
cost (o) rib
colo colon
crani skull
cyan blue
cyst (o) bladder, cyst
term, derma skin
duoden (o) duodenum (first part of the small intestine)
encephal (o) brain
gaster (o), gastro stomach
geron aged
gluco sweet
glycol, glyc sweet
gyneco, gyno woman
hema, hemato, hemo blood
hepato liver
ile (o), ili (o) ileum
laryng (o) larynx
lymph (o) lymph
mamm (o) breast
mast (o) breast
melan(o) black
mening(o) meninges, membranes covering the spinal cord of the brain
necro death
nephr (o) kidney
neur (o) nerve
one (o) tumor
ophthalm (o) eye
oste (o) bone
ot ear
pharyng (o) pharynx (throat)
phleb (o) vein
pneo/pnea breathing
pneum air, gas, and respiration
pod foot
proct(o) anus, rectum
pulm (o) lung
splen(o) spleen
stomat (o) mouth
therm (o) hot, heat
thorac (o) chest
thromb (o) blood clot
toxic (o), Tox(o) poison
trache(o) trachea, windpipe
urethr(o) urethra
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