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Carroll County HSA

Carroll County-Criminal & Civil Law

What is Civil Law? A dispute between two or more parties usually involving contracts, property, family, or torts.
The person filing the suit is a civil case is known as the Plaintiff
The person being sued in a civil case is known as the defendant
The burden of proof is lower in civil cases as compared to criminal cases so what is need in order to find a person liable? "A preponderance of the evidence"
What is true of most civil cases? They are settled out of court through the use of a mediator who negotiates a settlement.
What is criminal law? This involves crimes against the state that cane be misdemeanors (lesser crimes like traffic tickets, shoplifting, minor offenses) or felonies (rape, robbery, murder).
Who represents the government in a criminal case? A Prosecutor
Why is the burden of proof much higher in a criminal case? Because the punishment can be life, liberty, and/or property.
What is a plea bargain? It's when the defendant admits guilt to a lesser charge for a lesser punishment.
Identify the case: Criminal or Civil Someone robbed the video store in town. Criminal
Identify the case: Criminal or Civil You get a speeding ticket. Criminal
Identify the case: Criminal or Civil You slip, fall and break a leg at the mall. Civil
Identify the case: Criminal or Civil Your mom (or dad) sues for a divorce. Civil
Created by: rdchiar