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Science Flashcards

Science Flashcards for exams

The three stages of a seed plants life cycle are_______________. Seed, Seedling, and Adult
The meaning of biotic. living
The meaning of a-biotic. non-living
What is photosynthesis? The process of a plant making it's own food
What are the four categories of biotic things? Consumers, producers, decomposers, and scavengers
Plants provide what two things? Oxygen and food
Pollination is: The joining of pollen and ovary
Each _____________ performs a specific function. Structure
____________ helps plants get what they need from the environment. Adaptation
The five ways plants reproduce without using seeds: Runners, suckers, rhizomes, cuttings, and graftings
Seed plants have what five things? Roots, stems, leaves, and either flowers or cones
Life processes in plants include these three things: Photosynthesis, transpiration, and gas exchange (cellular respiration)
Plants are used for what four things? Food, fibre, medicine, and other products
What is igneous rock? Rock formed when magma solidifies, can be intrusive or extrusive
What are sedimentary rocks? Rocks formed by the compacting of sediments
What are metamorphic rocks? Rocks (either igneous or sedimentary) formed when heat and pressure turns them into another type of rock
What is weathering? The breakdown of rocks.
What is amber? Fossilized tree sap
The three different types of soil are: Clay, sand, and loam
What is function? The use of a structure
What are the three types of structure? Shell, frame, and solid
Ecosystems contain both ____________ and _____________ parts. Biotic and a-biotic
These change because of bioinvasion, human activity, resource competition, weather, and predators. Ecosystems
These provide all needs for living things. Ecosystems
Water, energy, food, exchange of gases, space, and waste disposal are examples of this. Basic needs
A symbiotic relationship where one species benefits and the other is harmed. Parisitism
These allow energy from the sun to flow. Food webs
This cycle includes condensation, evaporation, transpiration, and precipitation. Water cycle
This cycle includes photosynthesis, cellular respiration, and consumers. Carbon cycle
This group of chemicals is deadly as they enter and move through ecosystems. Pesticides
This is where a-biotic and biotic factors interact. Ecosystems
Commensalism, mutualism, and parasitism are examples of this. Symbiotic relationships
A symbiotic relationship where one species benefits and the other is not affected. Commensalism
A symbiotic relationship where both species benefit. Mutualism
What is the process in which large particles cross the cell membrane? Active transport
What do you call the appearance of a structure? Aesthetics
What do you call the number of different species in an environment? Biodiversity
What is a structure only supported at one end? Cantilever
What do you call many populations of different species living in the same place? Community
What do call the process of eroded minerals being settled by wind, water or ice. Deposition
What do you call layers of sediment? Strata
What temperature is the freezing point? 0 degrees celsius
What temperature is boiling point? 100 degrees celsius
What is the imaginary point where the force of gravity acts called? The center of gravity
What is the green part of a chloroplast that catches the suns energy? Chlorophyll
What is the structure in a plant cell that make photosynthesis happen? Chloroplasts
What do you call the introduction of a non-native species into a community? Biodiversity
What is used in current school thermometers? Coloured alchohol
What used to be used in school thermometers? Mercury
What do you call a nutrient mix made of chemicals? Chemical fertilizer
What do you call the movement of liquid up a narrow tube? Capillary action
What is another word for the earth's surface? Earth's crust
What is the process in which particles move from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration? Diffusion
What is the process that moves particles (sediments, soil, etc.) from one place to another? Erosion
What do you call underwater mountain ranges Ridges
What do you call the force that occurs when one object rubs against another object? Friction
What do you call large cracks in rocks or in the earth's crust? Faults
What is the term for partly decomposed materials from plants or animals? Humus
What is the technology used for growing plants without soil called? Hydroponics
What do call fossils used to identify a particular era? Index fossils
What is the process of watering crops? Irrigation
What do you call molten rock inside a volcano? Magma
What do you call molten rock outside a volcano? Lava
What are the stages any organism goes through from one generation to the next called? Life cycle
What do you call a plant that grows naturally in an environment? Native plant
What is 1 Newton equal to in grams? 100 grams
What do you call a mixture of nutrients prepared from natural resources? Organic fertilizer
What do you call particles in soil that were once living? Organic particles
What do you call the movement of water across the cell membrane? Osmosis
What is another word for a biotic thing? Organism
What do you call the practice of growing only one type of crop in a large area? Monoculture
What do you call scientists that study fossils and other elements of life from long ago? Paleontologists
What are tiny openings in the cell membranes of plant cells called? Pores
What do you call the conditions a structure must meet? Performance requirements
What do you call the formation of a new community in which was once a barren habitat? Primary succession
What do you call features that a material or object has? Properties
What do you call formation of a new community in a destroyed or greatly changed community? Secondary succession
What is the name of the device that detects shock waves caused by earthquakes? Seismograph
What do you call the force that acts to push that are in contact with each other in opposite directions Shear
What do you call the colour of the powder left behind by rubbing a mineral on the back of a tile? Streak
What do you call the way a mineral breaks in sheets? Cleavage
What do you call the way a mineral breaks unevenly? Fracture
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