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RL - Chpt. 6

World Geography

land bridge a narrow strip of land that joins two larget land masses
peninsula piece of land with water on three sides
latitude location north or south of the equator
hurricane fierce tropical storms with high winds and heavy rains that form over the warm water of the Atlantic Ocean
vaquero Mexican cowhands
maquiladora factories that assemble parts
subsistence farm small plots where farmers grow only enough good to feed their families
plantation large farms that raise a single crop for sale
industrialize economy that relies less on farming and more on manufacturing
service industry businesses that provide services to people rather than produce goods
jade shiny stone that comes in many shades of green as well as other colors
obsidian hard, black glass created by volcanoes
maize corn
heiroglyphics a form of writing that uses signs and symbols
mural wall paintings
hacienda large ranches
plaza public squares
adobe sun-dried clay bricks
federal republic power is divided between the national and state governments
migrant worker people who travel from place to place when extra workers are needed to plant or harvest crops
national debt money owed by the government
smog thick haze of fog and chemicals
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