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Review For Final Exam Grade 10

Cell wall To protect the cell and shape the cell (Bacteria + Plant)
Cytoplasm Liquid space (Where chemical reactions take place) (Bacteria + Plant + Animal)
Plasma membrane Transport materials between the cell's cytoplasm and the surrounding environment (Bacteria + Plant + Animal)
DNA Genetic meteoric of cell (Bacteria + Plant + Animal)
Flagellum Mobility (Bacteria)
Pili Made of protein allow bacteria to attach to each other and transfer DNA plasma (Bacteria)
Mitochondria Site of aerobic respiration (Plant + Animal)
vacuole To storage (Plant)
Chloropasts Site of photosynthesis (Plant)
Nucleus To protect the DNA (Animal + Plant)
Wavelength The distance from a crest to the next crest or a trough to the next trough
Frequency The amount of waves in a period of time
Period A time needed to complete a full circle of vibration
Amplitude Maximum displacement of points on a wave
Speed The distance a wave can go over a specific amount of time
Crest Highest point of the wave
Trough Lowest point of the wave
Compression A region with high pressure of waves
Rarefaction A region with low pressure of waves
Relationship between speed, frequency and wavelength? v = f x 人
Relationship between frequency and period? p = 1/f
Troposphere Lowest layer of Earth's atmosphere. Almost all the weather occurs within this layer
Stratosphere Second major layer of Earth's atmosphere
Weather The state of the atmosphere at a specific time and place including factors such as temperature and pressure, wind speed and precipitation
Climate The long - term average weather conditions in a region, typically over a period of 30 years or more
Free radical An uncharged atom or molecule with a single, unpaired electron
Created by: giangngguyen118