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Chapter 20

Digestive System

amylase enzyme contained in saliva that breaks down starch
appendix tubular organ attached to the lower end of the cecum; serves as a source for immune cells
bile yellow green fluid by the liver that aids in digestion
cecum blind pouch that serves as the beginning of the large intestine
chief cells cells in the gastric mucosa that secrete digestive enzymes
chyme semi fluid mixture consisting of particles of food mixed with digestive juices
dentin firm, yellowish tissue forming the bulk of a tooth
duodenum the first 10 inches of the small intestine; the portion intestine that performs most digestive processes
enteric nervous system network of nerves innervating the digestive system
enteroendocrine cells cells in the gastric mucosa that secrete the hormone ghrelin
esophagus muscular tube connecting the pharynx to the stomach
gallbladder sac attached to the liver that stores and concentrates bile
gastric pits depressions within the gastric mucosa containing glands that secrete components of gastric juice
gingiva tissue surrounding the necks of teeth; the gums
hard palate bony structure that separates the mouth from the nasal cavity
haustra pouches along the length of the large intestine
ileum the third and last portion of the small intestine
jejunum the second portion of the small intestine; location where many nutrients are absorbed
lipase enzyme that digests fat
mastication process of chewing, which begins the digestion of food
mesentery sheet of connective tissue that suspends the digestive organs within the abdominal cavity
parotid gland salivary gland located just underneath the skin anterior to the ear
peristalsis wave like muscular contractions that propel food along the digestive tract
proteases enzymes working in the stomach and small intestine that break peptide bonds
rugae folds of mucosa and submucosa in the stomach
salivary glands glands in the oral cavity that secrete saliva
segmentation type of contraction in the small intestine that involves ring like constrictions
soft palate structure consisting mostly of skeletal muscle that forms an arch between the mouth and nasopharynx
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