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Science Biology

Interphase order G1 Phase -Growth S Phase-DNA replicated G2 Phase - Cell divison
Cells Divide Why? To Replace To Repair or if cell is too large
Diploid Both sets of homologus chromosomes = 46 chromosomes
Haploid Is the Gametes half the homologus chromosomes = 23 Chromosomes
Phase order for cell divison Interphase -> Prophase -> Metaphase-> Anaphase->Telephase/cytokinesis
Gametes They are the sex cells in male and female
Somatic Cells Is the Normal body Cells
Zygote Is a fertilized egg
Malignant Tumor Is a tumor that looks for healthy tissue and destroys it
Benign Tumor Doesn't spread around
Sexual repoduction Is mother and father have child with varations
Asexual Reproduction Is only one parent and chlid is exactly identical
Differentation I the change of one thing to another
crossing over is chromosome segments are exchanged
Alleles is the name for a part of the chromosome that holds the info for a gene
heterozygous is to different one part of alleles
genotype the possible outcome of a parents traits
phenotype is the outcome of set traits
hybrid Is when both traits combine to make one
Transcription is DNA->MRNA It happens in the nucleus
Translation is MRNA->Protien this happens in ribosome
Anticodon a sequence of three nucleotides making complementry code to MRNA
Codon The three base codes made from DNA into MRNA
anaologus structure Is a speices that have similar constructions
artifical selection Is when humans select the desired traits
fitness is which species fit the best in a enviroment
speices A group of organisims that can interbreed
natural selection Is where the change of species to adapt to an enviroment over time
homologus structure evolution predicts that body parts will have modifications over time
vestigal structure are reduced structures and their functionality
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