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ILL Latin

From AHIS118 text Introduction to Latin Learning (Ch 1-9)

amo amare amaui amatum love verb, 1st C
clamo clamare clamaui clamatum shout verb, 1st C
do dare dedi datum give verb, 1st C
fugo fugare fugaui fugatum cause to flee verb, 1st C
habito habitare habitaui habitatum live, dwell verb, 1st C
monstro monstrare monstraui monstratum show verb, 1st C
porto portare portaui portatum carry verb, 1st C
pugno pugnare pugnaui pugnatum fight verb, 1st C
puto putare putaui putatum think verb, 1st C
rogo rogare rogaui rogatum ask verb, 1st C
sto stare steti statum stand verb, 1st C
uoco uocare uocaui uocatum call verb, 1st C
habeo habere habui habitum have, own verb, 2nd C
iubeo iubere iussi iussum order verb, 2nd C
maneo manere mansi mansum remain, stay verb, 2nd C
moneo monere monui monitum warn, advise verb, 2nd C
sedeo sedere sedi sessum sit, be seated verb, 2nd C
uideo uidere uidi uisum see verb, 2nd C
ago agere egi actum drive, bring verb, 3rd C
curro currere cucurri cursum run verb, 3rd C
dico dicere dixi dictum say, tell verb, 3rd C
duco ducere duxi ductum lead verb, 3rd C
lego legere legi lectum read verb, 3rd C
mitto mittere misi missum send verb, 3rd C
rego regere rexi rectum rule verb, 3rd C
scribo scribere scripsi scriptum write verb, 3rd C
uinco uincere uici uictum conquer verb, 3rd C
audio audire audiui auditum hear verb, 4th C
dormio dormire dormiui dormitum sleep verb, 4th C
impedio impedire impediui impeditum hinder verb, 4th C
scio scire scii or sciui scitum know verb, 4th C
uenio uenire ueni uentum come verb, 4th C
capio capere cepi captum take hold of; capture, seize verb, mixed C
effugio effugere effugi escape verb, mixed C
facio facere feci factum make, do verb, mixed C
fugio fugere fugi fugitum flee (from) verb, mixed C
interficio interficere interfeci interfectum kill verb, mixed C
non not adverb
numquam never adverb
Africa -ae (f.) Africa noun, 1st D
ancilla -ae (f.) slave-girl noun, 1st D
ara -ae (f.) altar noun, 1st D
Athenae -arum Athens noun, 1st D
dea -ae (f.) goddess noun, 1st D
epistula -ae (f.) letter noun, 1st D
filia -ae (f.) daughter noun, 1st D
fuga -ae (f.) the action of running away, flight noun, 1st D
Graecia -ae (f.) Greece noun, 1st D
hasta -ae (f.) spear noun, 1st D
litterae -arum (f. pl.) letter noun, 1st D
puella -ae (f.) young woman noun, 1st D
regina -ae (f.) queen noun, 1st D
Roma -ae (f.) rome noun, 1st D
silua -ae (f.) forest, wood noun, 1st D
Syracusae -arum (f. pl.) Syracuse noun, 1st D
terra -ae (f.) land noun, 1st D
uacca -ae (f.) cow noun, 1st D
uia -ae (f.) road noun, 1st D
uilla -ae (f.) rural/farm building noun, 1st D
agricola -ae (m.) farmer noun, 1st D
lanista -ae (m.) lanista noun, 1st D
nauta -ae (m.) sailor noun, 1st D
Antonius-(i)i (m.) Antonius (name) noun, 2nd D
barbarus -i (m.) foreigner, barbarian noun, 2nd D
Claudius -(i)i (m.) Claudius (name) noun, 2nd D
deus -i (m.) god noun, 2nd D
elephantus -i (m.) elephant noun, 2nd D
filius -(i)i (m.) son noun, 2nd D
gladius-(i)i (m.) sword noun, 2nd D
Graecus -i (m.) Greek noun, 2nd D
legatus -i (m.) ambassador, envoy, delegate noun, 2nd D
murus -i (m.) wall noun, 2nd D
nuntius -(i)i (m.) messenger; message noun, 2nd D
Poenus -i (m.) Carthaginian noun, 2nd D
populus -i (m.) people, nation; general public, populace noun, 2nd D
Romanus -i (m.) Roman noun, 2nd D
seruus -i (m.) slave noun, 2nd D
alnus -i (f.) alder (tree) noun, 2nd D
humus -i (f.) ground, soil noun, 2nd D
Rhodus -i (f.) Rhodes noun, 2nd D
ager agri (m.) piece of land; estate, field; countryside noun, 2nd D
liber libri (m.) book noun, 2nd D
puer pueri (m.) non-adult male, boy noun, 2nd D
uir uiri (m.) adult male, man noun, 2nd D
bellum -i (n.) war noun, 2nd D
castra -orum (n. pl.) camp noun, 2nd D
donum -i (n.) gift noun, 2nd D
imperium -(i)i (n.) supreme power, command noun, 2nd D
officium -(i)i (n.) duty, service noun, 2nd D
oppidum -i (n.) town noun, 2nd D
proelium -(i)i (n.) battle noun, 2nd D
regnum -i (n.) kingdom noun, 2nd D
telum -i (n.) spear noun, 2nd D
templum -i (n.) temple noun, 2nd D
cur why?
domi at home
adiuuo adiuuare adiuui adiutum help, assist verb, 1st C
ceno cenare cenaui cenatum dine verb, 1st C
intro intrare intraui intratum enter verb, 1st C
iuuo iuuare iuui iutum help, assist verb, 1st C
laudo laudare laudaui laudatum praise verb, 1st C
neco necare necaui necatum put to death, kill verb, 1st C
orno ornare ornaui ornatum adorn verb, 1st C
paro parare paraui paratum prepare verb, 1st C
uulnero uulnerare uulneraui uulneratum wound verb, 1st C
deleo delere deleui deletum destroy verb, 2nd C
doceo docere docui doctum teach verb, 2nd C
mordeo mordere momordi morsum bite verb, 2nd C
moueo mouere moui motum move verb, 2nd C
obsideo obsidere obsedi obsessum beseige verb, 2nd C
pareo parere parui paritum obey verb, 2nd C
respondeo respondere respondi responsum reply verb, 2nd C
sustineo sustinere sustinui sustentum support, sustain verb, 2nd C
teneo tenere tenui tentum hold, keep verb, 2nd C
terreo terrere terrui territum frighten, terrify verb, 2nd C
timeo timere timui fear, be afraid verb, 2nd C
amitto amittere amisi amissum lose verb, 3rd C
cado cadere cecidi casum fall verb, 3rd C
caedo caedere cecidi caesum strike, kill verb, 3rd C
conscendo conscendere conscendi conscensum climb verb, 3rd C
defendo defendere defendi defensum defend verb, 3rd C
discedo discedere discessi discessum depart verb, 3rd C
disco discere didici learn verb, 3rd C
diuido diuidere diuisi diuisum divide, verb, 3rd C
incendo incendere incendi incensum set on fire verb, 3rd C
intellego intellegere intellexi intellectum understand verb, 3rd C
ludo ludere lusi lusum play verb, 3rd C
neglego neglegere neglexi neglectum neglect verb, 3rd C
occido occidere occidi occisum kill, slay verb, 3rd C
ostendo ostendere ostendi ostentum show verb, 3rd C
peto petere petiui petitum see, ask for verb, 3rd C
pono ponere posui positum put, place verb, 3rd C
relinquo relinquere reliqui relictum abandon, leave behind verb, 3rd C
scando scandere climb, scale verb, 3rd C
traho trahere traxi tractum drag verb, 3rd C
aperio aperire aperui apertum open verb, 4th C
custodio custodire custodiui custoditum guard verb, 4th C
munio munire muniui munitum fortify verb, 4th C
peruenio peruenire perueni peruentum arrive verb, 4th C
punio punire puniui punitum punish verb, 4th C
sentio sentire sensi sensum feel verb, 4th C
uincio uincire uinxi uinctum bind verb, 4th C
cupio cupere cupiui or cupii cupitum desire, want verb, mixed C
iacio iacere ieci iactum throw verb, mixed C
pario parere peperi partum give birth to verb, mixed C
sum esse fui be verb, irregular
possum posse potui be able, can verb, irregular
copiae -arum (f. pl.) forces, troops noun, 1st D
Italia -ae (f.) Italy noun, 1st D
dominus -i (m.) master noun, 2nd D
equus -i (m.) horse noun, 2nd D
oculus -i (m.) eye noun, 2nd D
philosophus -i (m.) philosopher noun, 2nd D
socius -(i)i (m.) companion; ally noun, 2nd D
Spartacus -i (m.) Spartacus (name) noun, 2nd D
atque, ac and ... too, and what is more
et and; also, even
et... et both... and
postquam after
sed but
si if
simul atque as soon as
ubi when
arbor arboris (f.) tree noun, consonant-stem
centurio centurionis (m.) officer, centurion noun, consonant-stem
consul consulis (m.) consul noun, consonant-stem
dux ducis (m.) leader, leader in war; commander, general noun, consonant-stem
gladiator gladiatoris (m.) gladiator noun, consonant-stem
imperator imperatoris (m.) commanding officer; general; later Roman emperor noun, consonant-stem
legio legionis (f.) legion noun, consonant-stem
lex legis (f.) law noun, consonant-stem
miles militis (m.) soldier noun, consonant-stem
multitudo multitudinis (f.) large number, crowd noun, consonant-stem
pax pacis (f.) peace noun, consonant-stem
princeps principis (m.) leading member, chief man; person in charge noun, consonant-stem
regio regionis (f.) region, district noun, consonant-stem
rex regis (m.) king noun, consonant-stem
uirtus uirtutis (f.) manliness, valour, excellence; virtue noun, consonant-stem
caput capitis (n.) head noun, consonant-stem
corpus corporis (n.) body noun, consonant-stem
iter itineris (n.) journey noun, consonant-stem
litus litoris (n.) shore noun, consonant-stem
nomen nominis (n.) name noun, consonant-stem
tempus temporis (n.) time noun, consonant-stem
canis canis (m.) dog noun, consonant-stem
frater fratris (m. brother noun, consonant-stem
iuuenis iuuenis (m.) young man noun, consonant-stem
mater matris (f.) mother noun, consonant-stem
pater patris (m.) father noun, consonant-stem
senex senis (m.) old man noun, consonant-stem
ciuis ciuis (m., f.) citizen noun, i-stem
classis classis (f.) fleet noun, i-stem
collis collis (m.) hill noun, i-stem
hostis hostis (m.) enemy (usually in pl.) noun, i-stem
nauis nauis (f.) ship noun, i-stem
sitis sitis (f.) thirst noun, i-stem
linter lintris (f.) small boat noun, i-stem
aedes (aedis) aedis (f.) temple, shrine; in pl. only house noun, i-stem
nubes nubis (f.) cloud noun, i-stem
uulpes (uulpis) uulpis (f.) fox noun, i-stem
ars artis (f.) art, craft, skill noun, i-stem
arx arcis (f.) citadel, fortified part of city noun, i-stem
gens gentis (f.) race, nation, people; clan noun, i-stem
mons montis (m.) mountain noun, i-stem
nox noctis (f.) night noun, i-stem
pars partis (f.) part noun, i-stem
pons pontis (m.) bridge noun, i-stem
urbs urbis (f.) city noun, i-stem
glis gliris (m., f.) dormouse noun, i-stem
mus muris (m.) mouse or similar rodent noun, i-stem
ad to, towards prep. (+ acc.)
apud near; at the house of prep. (+ acc.)
contra against prep. (+ acc.)
per through prep. (+ acc.)
a or ab from, away from; by) prep. (+ abl.)
cum with, together with prep. (+ abl.)
e or ex from, out of prep. (+ abl.)
in into, to (+ acc.) in, on (+ abl.) prep.
sub up, to (+ acc.) under (+ abl.) prep.
altus alta altum high; deep adj. 1st/2nd D
bonus bona bonum good adj. 1st/2nd D
hirsutus hirsuta hirsutum hairy adj. 1st/2nd D
latus lata latum broad, wide adj. 1st/2nd D
longus longa longum long adj. 1st/2nd D
magnus magna magnum big, large, great adj. 1st/2nd D
malus mala malum wicked, evil, bad adj. 1st/2nd D
nouus noua nouum new, fresh adj. 1st/2nd D
paruus parua paruum small, little adj. 1st/2nd D
Romanus Romana Romanum Roman adj. 1st/2nd D
stultus stulta stultum stupid adj. 1st/2nd D
multi multae multa many adj. 1st/2nd D
liber libera liberum free adj. 1st/2nd D
miser misera miserum to be pitied, wretched, unfortunate adj. 1st/2nd D
dexter dextra dextrum right; propitious, favourable adj. 1st/2nd D
pulcher pulchra pulchrum beautiful, handsome adj. 1st/2nd D
sacer sacra sacrum sacred adj. 1st/2nd D
sinister sinistra sinistrum left; harmful, baleful adj. 1st/2nd D
acer acris acre keen, sharp adj. 3rd D (three forms)
celer celeris celere swift, quick adj. 3rd D (three forms)
breuis breuis breue short adj. 3rd D (two forms)
crudelis crudelis crudele cruel adj. 3rd D (two forms)
difficilis difficilis difficile hard, difficult adj. 3rd D (two forms)
dulcis dulcis dulce sweet adj. 3rd D (two forms)
facilis facilis facile easy adj. 3rd D (two forms)
fortis fortis forte courageous, brave adj. 3rd D (two forms)
omnis omnis omne all, every adj. 3rd D (two forms)
tristis tristis triste unhappy, sad; biitter, grim adj. 3rd D (two forms)
utilis utilis utile useful adj. 3rd D (two forms)
audax audax audax gen. sg. audacis bold, daring adj. 3rd D (one form)
felix felix felix gen. sg. felicis fortunate, lucky, happy adj. 3rd D (one form)
ferox ferox ferox gen. sg. ferocis fierce; warlike adj. 3rd D (one form)
infelix infelix infelix gen. sg. infelicis unfortunate, unlucky, unhappy adj. 3rd D (one form)
ingens ingens ingens gen. sg. ingentis huge adj. 3rd D (one form)
sapiens sapiens sapiens gen. sg. sapientis ‘wise’ wise adj. 3rd D (one form)
(h)arena -ae (f.) sand; the (sandcovered) amphitheatre arena noun, 1st D
hora -ae (f.) hour noun, 1st D
pecunia -ae (f.) money noun, 1st D
admiror admirari admiratus be surprised (at), wonder (at) verb (dep.) 1st C
arbitror arbitrari arbitratus think, consider verb (dep.) 1st C
conor conari conatus try, attempt verb (dep.) 1st C
hortor hortari hortatus urge on, encourage verb (dep.) 1st C
imitor imitari imitatus imitate verb (dep.) 1st C
moror morari moratus delay, linger verb (dep.) 1st C
pareo parere parui paritum obey (+ dat.) verb, 2nd C
polliceor polliceri pollicitus promise verb (dep.) 2nd C
reor reri ratus thing, suppose, reckon verb (dep.) 2nd C
tueor tueri tutus look at, watch over, preserve verb (dep.) 2nd C
uereor uereri ueritus fear, revere verb (dep.) 2nd C
believe (+ dat., a person; + acc., a thing) verb, 3rd C
depono deponere deposui depos(i)tum abandon, drop verb, 3rd C
resisto resistere restiti resist, make a stand against (+ dat.) verb, 3rd C
complector complecti complexus embrace, grasp verb (dep.) 3rd C
consequor consequi consecutus follow up, overtake, reach, get, win verb (dep.) 3rd C
irascor irasci iratus be angry with (+ dat.) verb (dep.) 3rd C
loquor loqui locutus speak, talk verb (dep.) 3rd C
persequor persequi persecutus pursue verb (dep.) 3rd C
proficiscor proficisci profectus set out, depart verb (dep.) 3rd C
sequor sequi secutus follow verb (dep.) 3rd C
utor uti usus use (+ abl.) verb (dep.) 3rd C
adorior adoriri adortus attack, assault verb (dep.) 4th C
experior experiri expertus try, test, experience verb (dep.) 4th C
orior oriri orsus rise, arise verb (dep.) 4th C
potior potiri potitus gain possession of (+ abl.) verb (dep.) 4th C
aggredior aggredi aggressus attack, assault, set about verb (dep.) mixed C
egredior egredi egressus go out, disembark verb (dep.) mixed C
ingredior ingredi ingressus advance, enter, begin, undertake verb (dep.) mixed C
morior mori mortuus die verb (dep.) mixed C
patior pati passus suffer, allow verb (dep.) mixed C
progredior progredi progressus advance, proceed verb (dep.) mixed C
regredior regredi regressus go back, retreat verb (dep.) mixed C
audeo audere ausus dare verb (s.-d.)
confido confidere confisus trust (+ dat.) verb (s.-d.)
diffido diffidere diffisus mistrust (+ dat.) verb (s.-d.)
fido fidere fisus trust (+ dat.) verb (s.-d.)
gaudeo gaudere gauisus rejoice verb (s.-d.)
soleo solere solitus be accustomed, be used to verb (s.-d.)
Capua -ae (f.) Capua noun, 1st D
fortuna -ae (f.) fortune; good luck, bad luck noun, 1st D
amicus -i (m.) friend noun, 2nd D
annus -i (m.) year noun, 2nd D
campus -i (m.) flat expanse of land, plain, field noun, 2nd D
captiuus -i (m.) prisoner noun, 2nd D
coquus -i (m.) cook noun, 2nd D
fluuius -(i)i (m.) river, stream noun, 2nd D
Caesar Caesaris (m.) Caesar noun, consonant-stem
ciuitas ciuitatis (m.) state; citienship noun, consonant-stem
comes comitis (m., also f.) companion noun, consonant-stem
flos floris (m.) flower noun, consonant-stem
uirgo uirginis virgin noun, consonant-stem
que and conj.
qui quae quod who, which, that relative pronoun
is ea id this, that Demonstrative pronoun/adjective
hic haec hoc this (near me) Demonstrative pronoun/adjective
ille illa illud that (over there) Demonstrative pronoun/adjective
iste ista istud that (near you) Demonstrative pronoun/adjective
idem eadem idem the same Definitive pronoun/adjective
celo celare celaui celatum hide verb, 1st C
culpo culpare culpaui culpatum blame verb, 1st C
desidero desiderare desideraui desideratum long for, desire verb, 1st C
erro errare erraui erratum wander; waver; go astray; be mistaken verb, 1st C
festino festinare festinaui festinatum hurry, make haste verb, 1st C
muto mutare mutaui mutatum change, make different, alter verb, 1st C
oppugno oppugnare oppugnaui oppugnatum attack verb, 1st C
constituo constituere constitui constitutum set up; establish; decide verb, 3rd C
ueho uehere uexi uectum carry, convey verb, 3rd C
uiuo uiuere uixi uictum live, be alive verb, 3rd C
aduenio aduenire adueni aduentum arrive verb, 4th C
aeger aegra aegrum unwell, sick Adj. 1st/2nd D
iustus iusta iustum lawful, legitimate; just, fair Adj. 1st/2nd D
reliquus reliqua reliquum remaining Adj. 1st/2nd D
Asia -ae (f.) Asia noun, 1st D
familia -ae (f.) household; slaves/servants of the household noun, 1st D
raeda -ae (f.) four wheeled travelling carriage noun, 1st D
Clodius -(i)i (m.) Clodius (name) noun, 2nd D
consilium -(i)i (n.) deliberation; advice; intention, plan noun, 2nd D
periculum -i (n.) danger noun, 2nd D
silentium -(i)i (n.) silence noun, 2nd D
Apollo Apollinis (m.) Apollo noun, consonant-stem
clamor clamoris (m.) shout, shouting; outcry; war-cry noun, consonant-stem
eques equitis (m.) horseman; cavalryman noun, consonant-stem
latro latronis (m) hired soldier, mercenary; robber, bandit noun, consonant-stem
Milo Milonis (m.) Milo noun, consonant-stem
mulier mulieris (f.) woman; wife noun, consonant-stem
uxor uxoris (f.) wife noun, consonant-stem
exspecto exspectare exspectaui exspectatum wait for verb, 1st C
laboro laborare laboraui laboratum work verb, 1st C
libero liberare liberaui liberatum set free verb, 1st C
narro narrare narraui narratum relate, tell verb, 1st C
no nare naui swim verb, 1st C
pecco peccare peccaui peccatum err; do wrong verb, 1st C
specto spectare spectaui spectatum observe, look verb, 1st C
supero superare superaui superatum prevail over, overcome, defeat verb, 1st C
uasto uastare uastaui uastatum lay waste, ravage verb, 1st C
uito uitare uitaui uitatum avoid verb, 1st C
prohibeo prohibere prohibui prohibitum prevent verb, 2nd C
ualeo ualere ualui ualitum be well verb, 2nd C
farcio farcire farsi fartum fill completely, stuff verb, 4th C
inuenio inuenire inueni inuentum find verb, 4th C
nescio nescire nesciui or nescii nescitum not know verb, 4th C
patria -ae (f.) native land noun, 1st D
cuniculus -i (m.) rabbit noun, 2nd D
forum -i (n.) public square noun, 2nd D
pugio pugionis (m.) dagger noun, consonant-stem
fames famis (f.) desire for food, hunger; lack of food, starvation, hunger noun, i-stem
fortiter bravely adverb
saepe often adverb
semper always adverb
statim immediately, at once adverb
aegroto aegrotare aegrotaui aegrotatum be ill or sick verb, 1st C
interpello interpellare interpellaui interpellatum interrupt verb, 1st C
accipio accipere accepi acceptum receive verb, 3rd C
educo educere eduxi eductum lead out; draw out, unsheathe verb, 3rd C
incipio incipere coepi coeptum begin verb, 3rd C
metuo metuere metui metutum regard with fear, be afraid of verb, 3rd C
promitto promittere promisi promissum promise verb, 3rd C
Gallia -ae (f.) Gaul noun, 1st D
insula -ae (f.) island noun, 1st D
Subura -ae (f.) Subura noun, 1st D
Pomponius -(i)i (m.) Pomponius (name) noun, 2nd D
Batiatus -i (m.) Batiatus (name) noun, 2nd D
ludus -i (m.) sport, play; place of construction or training noun, 2nd D
retiarius -(i)i (m.) type of gladiator noun, 2nd D
Brundisium -(i)i (n.) Bruindisium noun, 2nd D
murmillo (also myrmillo) murmillonis (m.) type of gladiator noun, consonant-stem
rete retis (n. trap net noun, i-stem
cum when; since; although conjunction
paene almost, all but, practically adverb
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