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5th Science Eng_2

5th Grade Science Engineering Quiz

4 things engineers/architects need to find out about the area they plan to build a bridge. 1 - Span 2 - Traffic Load 3 - Soil and bedrock 4 - Weather (windy, extremes temps, tides)
4 main GOALS of an engineer/architect when designing a bridge 1- Strong 2 - Safe 3 - Long lasting 4 - Budget
2 MODERN materials that are used for bridges 1 - Prestressed concrete 2 - Steel
2 ways a bridge can be HELPFUL to the people in the area 1 - Save gasoline by going shorter distances 2 - burn less gas so less CO2 pollution in the atmosphere
2 Ways a bridge might be HARMFUL to the natural area and organisms 1 - Grass and farmland dug up 2 - Destroy natural habitat for plants and animals, so many die or need to relocate to survive
Suspension Bridge A bridge that droops down between the two ends that hold it up.
Beam Bridge A bridge that is flat across the bridge deck and supported at the two ends by the abutments.
Arch Bridge A bridge that reaches across a river in an arching shape rather than straight and flat.
2 earliest materials used for ANCIENT bridges 1 - Natural cement 2 - Stones / rocks
2 ways bridge construction TODAY is better protecting the environment 1 - Special erosion barriers are put all around the site to keep loose sediments from washing into lakes and rivers 2 - Fewer plants and trees are removed
Created by: RoperFive