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Carroll County HSA

Carroll County -Maryland Court Cases

What are the two constitutional issues in the McCulloch v. Maryland case? Does Congress have the power to charter a national bank? Does any state have the right to tax a federal agency?
Why did many people object to a national bank? They thought it would harm state and local economies and gave the national government too much power.
Did Congress have the right to create the national bank? Yes. Article I gave Congress the power to pass legislation that was "necessary and proper" to carry out the functions of the government.
Did Maryland have the right to tax the national bank? No. This violated Article VI. If a state had this power it would make a state superior to the national government. This is unconstitutional.
What was the impact of the Supreme Court's decision? McCulloch v. Maryland supported the supremacy clause allowing Congress to have power over the states.
In the Marbury v. Madison Case, what did William Marbury want the Supreme Court to do? To grant a writ of mandamus which would order Secretary James Madison to deliver the commission making him a judge.
What is the constitutional issue in the Marbury Case? Should the Supreme Court issue a writ of madamus ordering the Secretary of State to deliver commissions to Marbury and the other who were denied judgeships?
What did Chief Justice John Marshall have to consider in making a decision? Did the Supreme Court have original jurisdiction in this Case? No. Was the Judiciary Act of 1789 constitutional? No.
What was the decision of the Supreme Court? William Marbury was entitled to his court order but the Supreme Court did not have authority to issue it because the act of Congress that allowed them to issue it went beyond the Constitution.
What was the impact of this case? The Court's decision established the concept of Judicial Review-the power to review actions of the other two branches.
What was the constitutional issue in the Tinker v. Des Moines School District case? Do students have First Amendment speech rights in school?
Why did the principal suspend Mary Beth Tinker and other students from school? They wore black armbands to school to protest the war in Vietnam and refused to take them off when told to do so by the principal.
How did the Supreme Court rule in this case? The Court said that students do not "shed their rights at the school house gate" and are entitled to some speech protections as long as it doe not disrupt learning.
What was the impact of the Court's decision? Schools can develop rules and regulations that limit obscene and vulgar speech at school events.
What was the constitutional issue in New Jersey v. TLO? Did the school conduct a legal search and seizure?
Why did the administrator search TLO's purse? She was caught smoking in the bathroom and the administrator searched her purse for tobacco and found rolling papers, a list of names and money.
What happened to the student? She was suspended from school.
Why did this case end up in the Supreme Court? The student contended that the search was unconstitutional because there was no probable cause and no warrant to search.
How did the Supreme Court rule in this case? The Court said that the search was legal and schools did not need a search warrant to search students. School had the right to maintain standards of health and safety.
What was the Constitutional issue in the Gideon v. Wainwright case? The Sixth Amendment right to a lawyer.
What happened to Clarence Earl Gideon? The state of Florida accused him of a petty crime.
Why did Florida not grant Gideon a lawyer? Because it was not a capital crime.
How did the Supreme Court rule in this case? All defendants are entitled to lawyers in court. The state must provide one if the accused cannot afford one.
What was the Constitutional issue in Miranda v. Arizona? Did the defendant, Ernesto Miranda, have his Fifth Amendment rights violated?
What happened to Ernesto Miranda? He was arrested for kidnapping and sexual assault.
Why did Miranda believe he had his right violated? They did not read him his rights and let him know that he could remain silent and that he was entitled to a lawyer. They also had him sign a confession.
How did the Supreme Court rule in this case? The Court said that Miranda had his Fifth Amendment due process rights violated and ordered a new trial. He was found guilty, again.
What three issues are addressed in the 14th Amendment? The definition of citizenship, equal protection under the law, and due process.
What was the constitutional issue in Plessy v. Ferguson? Was the law that allowed segregation on railroad trains constitutional?
How did the Louisiana courts rule in the Plessy case? They ruled against Homer Plessy and upheld his conviction.
How did the Supreme Court rule in the Plessy Case? The Court ruled that "separate but equal" public facilities were constitutional.
What was the impact of the Supreme Court's ruling? An increase in segregation policies mostly throughout the South.
What was the Constitutional issue in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas? Could public schools segregate Blacks from Whites in public schools?
What was the Supreme Court's ruling in the Brown Case? That "separate but equal" was unconstitutional.
What was the impact of the Supreme Court's ruling? It resulted in the slow ("with all deliberate speed")desegregation of schools and places of public accommodations.
What Court case applies to the following scenario? Sara just moved to the area and visited the local school to enroll for classes. She was told she could not because of her ethnic background. The Brown Case
What court case? A bunch of students decide to wear T-shirts that express their feelings about the principal's cancellation of the upcoming dance. They were suspended when they refused to change their clothes. The Tinker Case
What court case? Mr. C was arrested for murder and questioned for 1t straight hours without an attorney (He asked for one). The Miranda Case
What court case? When the police brought drug dogs in to student parking lot they alerted on two cars. Both cars were searched by the police. New Jersey v. TLO
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