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Science Review

2nd Semester Science Review Part 1

What role does the Sun play during photosynthesis? The sun emits radiant energy in all directions, including towards Earth's surface, sending light to plants
What forms of energy conversion occur during the process of photosynthesis? In this chemical reaction, carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and water from the soil are combined to produce glucose
What is photosynthesis? a chemical reaction that occurs in plants, using radiant energy from sunlight
what is the formula for photosynthesis? carbon dioxide + water + sunlight -> glucose + oxygen
why is the water cycle a key component in the cycling matter within living systems? water is a simple molecule that is cycled throughout living systems and the atmosphere
how does energy move through a food web or energy pyramid model? shows the relationships in an ecosystem with producers and consumers
Why is energy flow a key component in a food web or energy pyramid model? so you can see the energy transfer from one animal relationship to another
why is the energy flow in a food web more complex than in a food chain? a food web shows complex relationships connecting to multiple animals
what is a tropic level in a food pyramid diagram? it is the food energy levels from one side of the triangle to the other
Why is the amount of energy available in a tropic level different from the levels that precede and follow it? the energy amount reduces from one consumer/animal to another
what is the scientific meaning of work? using a force to move an object a certain distance
what units are used to measure work? meters, force,newtons, and distance
how is work calculated? work= fd
how does the use of simple machines affect force and distance when work is done? they can reduce the amount of force done by making the distance longer. the work stays the same
how can situations where a force is applied but no work is done be demonstrated? a force is applied, but does not move
how can natural events such a floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes be predicted? by analyzing the characteristics and patterns of these events, the impact on the ecosystem can be described and predicted
what are some catastrophic impacts on the ecosystem caused by floods? floods can uproot or bury plants, reshape the topography, and destroy roads and buildings
what are some catastrophic impacts on the ecosystem that can be caused by hurricanes? hurricanes can cause a storm surge along the coast, as well as intense wind damage and excess flooding all along the path of the storm.
what are some catastrophic impacts on the ecosystem caused by tornadoes? tornadoes can completely destroy anything in its path, leaving a scar of devastation to the ecosystem
how do unique topography and other characteristics in different Texas ecoregions reflect the natural forces of weathering, erosion, and deposition? soil and rock type, vegetation, climate, and topography reflect on these by showing different types of rock, flow of water, ice, temperature, soil, or using the pull of gravity.
what are the primary weathering agents? water, temperature changes. and actions of plants roots that pry rocks apart
what evidence indicates that weathering processes have affected the Texas ecoregions? by seeing weathered rocks and soil, the plant roots, temperature changes, water, or certain gradual chemical and physical changes.
what evidence indicates that erosional processes have affected the Texas ecoregions? when you see rocks and soil types being mixed to different parts of the ecoregion
what are the primary erosional agents? the flow of water, ice or wind, or as well as the constant pull of gravity
what are the primary deposition agents? actions from weathering and erosional agents
what evidence indicates that deposits processes have affected the Texas ecoregions? when topography settles, or is deposited, in a different location
what is a watershed? an area of surface and subsurface land from which water flows into a larger bod of water such as a river, lake, stream, ocean, or aquifer
what is ground water and how does it relate to a watershed? it is a watershed found underground in porous rock layers called aquifers. it is a watershed, but underground.
how can you use aquifers and subsidence issues to model the effects of human activity on groundwater resources? humans pump groundwater out of aquifers, but excessive pumping can result in subsidence, or sinking of the Earth's surface
how can you diagram or model the flow of water through a watershed from a field or mountain top to a lake or ocean? you can use an arrow to show to flow of water from certain areas
how can you explain a model human impact on the ecosystem using examples of point source and no-point source pollution of surface water? human can improperly dispose their trash, causing point source pollution, like when your well is contaminated and you know exactly where it is. it could be non-point source, where trash is flowing off of the road and flowing through water
what characteristic of our solar system support the existence of life? the proximity to the sun, presence of water, atmospheric composition, and a magnetic field
how have scientists gathered data about the characteristics of distant objects in our solar system? by using telescopes, satellites, and unmanned probes
how does the distance from the sun affect the conditions necessary for life? they create extreme temperature conditions that are considered inhospitable for life
how does the presence and composition of an atmosphere affect the conditions necessary for life? atmospheric gases help regulate extreme temperature variations and ozone in the atmospheric shields living things from harmful ultraviolet radiation
how does the presence of magnetic fields affect the conditions necessary for life? it protects life from the charged particles of the solar wind
how does the presence of water affect the conditions necessary for life? all life depends on water to survive
what are some of the extreme conditions in space that challenge manned space exploration? extreme temperature variations, vacuum of space, and micro gravity environment
what are some of the key life support systems built into a space suit? regulating temperature machine with pressure, oxygen tank, and protection from the space environment
how does the microgravity environment in space affect astronauts' bodies? microgravity environment can cause muscles and bones to become weak and less dense
what are some of the accommodations that have been developed to help astronauts move and complete tasks when working in microgravity environments in space? velcro, handles, and tethers
what are some examples of technology used by astronauts to communicate and perform a variety of tasks while in space? complex radios and computers
how might the inter-dependency of organisms in a specific habitat be helped or harmed as a result of changes in the ecosystem over time? if one species get extinct or endangered, it affects the rest of the organism in a habitat
how might biodiversity of the populations in a habitat affect organism interdependency? the greater the biodiversity, the greater the sustainability
what is a micro-habitat? a small-scaled environment with all biotic and abiotic factors needed to support the limited variety of organisms occupying an area
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