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abdomen abdomin/o
abdomen celi/o
abdomen lapar/o
air aer/o
air phys/o
air pneum/o
air pneumon/o
all pan-
all pant/o
bile bil/i
bile chol/e
bladder cyst/o
bladder vesic/o
blood hem/o
blood hemat/o
blood sangu/i
blood sanguin/o
body corpor/o
body somat/o
body -some
breast mamm/o
breast mast/o
breathe -pnea
breathe respir/o
breathe respirat/o
breathe spir/o
cecum cec/o
cecum typhl/o
chest pecrot/o
chest steth/o
chest thorac/o
childbirth -para
childbirth -parous
childbirth -partum
childbirth -tocia
childbirth toc/o
cornea of the eye corne/o
cornea of the eye kerat/o
death mort/o
death necr/o
death thanat/o
different allo-
different hetro-
disease nos/o
disease path/o
dry kraur/o
dry xer/o
ear aur/o
ear auricul/o
ear ot/o
eardrum myring/o
eardrum tympan/o
eye ocul/o
eye ophthalm/o
eye opt/o
eyelid plephar/o
eyelid palpebr/o
face faci/o
face op/o
face prosop/o
fat adip/o
fat lip/o
fat pimel/o
fat steat/o
feces corp/o
feces scat/o
feces sterc/o
fever febr/i
fever pyro/o
fever pyret/o
first arch/e
first arch/i
first -arche
first primi-
first prot/o
foot ped/o
foot pod/o
hair pil/o
hair trich/o
half demi-
half hemi-
half simi-
hearing acous/o
hearing acoust/o
hearting audi/o
hearing audit/o
hearing -cusis
heart cardi/o
heart caron/o
heat calor/i
heat them/o
huge higan/o
huge mega-
huge meglo-
iching prurit/o
iching psor/o
kidney nephr/o
kidney ren/o
lens of the eye phac/o
lens of the eye phak/o
life bio-
life bi/o
life vit/o
life viv/i
ligament desmo
ligament ligament/o
ligament syndesm/o
lip cheil/o
lip chil/o
lip labi/o
little, small -ole
little, small -ule
lung pneum/o
lung pneumon/o
lung pulmon/o
milk galact/o
milk lact/o
mind ment/o
mind -noia
mind phren/o
mind psych/o
mouth or/o
mouth stomat/o
mucus blenn/o
mucus muc/o
mucus myx/o
muscle muscuyl/o
muscle myos/o
nail onych/o
nail ungyu/o
night noct/i
night nyct/o
nose nas/o
nose rhin/o
nucleus kary/o
nucleus nucle/o
oil ele/o
oil ole/o
ovary oophor/o
ovary ovari/o
pain -algia
pain dolor/o
pain -dynia
palate palat/o
palate uran/o
pregnancy -cycsis
pregnancy gravid/o
pupil cor.o
pupil pupill/o
rectum proct/o
rectum rect/o
saliva ptyal/o
saliva sial/o
same homeo-
same homo-
same ipsi-
same tauto-
skin cutan/o
skin derm/o
skin dermat/o
sound son/o
sound phon/o
specialist -ician
specialist -ist
specialist -logist
stone lith/o
stone petr/o
straight ithy-
straight orth/o
strength dynam/o
strength -sthenia
strength sthen/o
sugar gluc/o
sugar glyc/o
sugar sacchar/o
sweat hidr/o
sweat sud/o
swelling -edema
swelling -tumescence
swelling tumesc/o
tear dacry/o
tear lacrim/o
thick pachy-
thick pycn/o
thick phkn/o
time chron/o
time temp/o
time tempor/o
tongue gloss/o
tongue lingu/o
tooth dent/i
tooth odont/o
tumor/mass -oma
tumor/mass onc/o
uterus hyster/o
uterus metr/o
uterus uter/o
vagina colp/o
vagina vagin/o
vein phleb/o
vein ven/o
vertebral/spinal column rachi/o
vertebral/spinal column spin/o
vertebral/spinal column spondyl/o
vessel angi/o
vessel vas/o
vulva episi/o
vulva vulv/o
water aque/o
water hydr/o
Created by: Roseforfrog