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Cardiorespiratory Endurance How efficiently the heart and lungs deliver blood containing oxygen throughout the body so you can exercise for longer periods of time
Muscular Strength The most work muscles can do at any given time
Muscular Endurance The ability to use muscles many times without getting tired
Flexibility The ability to use your joints in a full range of motion
Body Fatness The percentage of body that is fat
Body Composition The relationship of body fat and fat-free mass in the body
Bone Density The concentration of the bone's tissue made up primarily of calcium. Makes bones strong.
Aerobic Exercise Slow and steady exercise. Ex. walking, cycling, hiking
Anaerobic Exercise Intense bursts of exercise. Ex. sprinting
The ability to change the position of the body quickly and accurately Agility
The ability to perform a movement in a short period of time Speed
To repeatedly execute a sequence of movements smoothly and accurately Coordination
Being able to maintain stability which moving or being stationary Balance
Strength + Speed... being able to transfer energy into force quickly Power
The time it takes you to start moving Reaction time
What is the purpose of the FITT principle? A rule to follow to build fitness levels (cardiovascular fitness)
F Frequency-How often you exercise-3 days a week
I Intesity-How hard you exercise-Target zone
T-1 Time-How long your workout is-20 minutes of longer
T-2 Type-What kind of exercise you are doing-Type of training
What is the best way to determine how hard you are exercising? Monitor your heart rate
Where can you find your pulse? Neck and wrists
Your heart rate is measured in ________________. Beats per minute
What number do you subtract your age form to find your Target Zone? 220
Name 3 types of activities that would improve your cardiorespiratory fitness. Walking briskly, jogging, hiking, aerobic exercises
To improve muscle strength you should lift... Heavy weights with a low number of repetitions
To build muscle endurance you should lift... Light weights with a high number of repetitions
Squat Gluteus Maximus
Push Up Triceps
Dumbbell Curl Biceps
Lunge Hamstring
Crunches Abdominals
What is the purpose of learning rules in sports and games? Guidelines for playing safely, to determine the winner
What does it mean to be on "offense"? Trying to score a point
Mental Benefits Reducing stress
Physical Benefits Builds muscle
Social Benefits Sportsmanship
To maintain good health how many days per week should you be doing light activity? 3
How long should you exercise a day? 20-60 minutes
Name 3 reasons why good running form is important? Less injuries, run faster, higher endurance
What does good running form look like? Head looking forward, relaxed shoulders and arms, arms ant 90 degree angle, hands relaxed
Created by: SydneyCase