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Human Body

Med terms

acu- needle acupuncture
acu/o, acut/o sharp, severe subacute
adip/o fat adiponecross
aer/o air, gas aerophagy
agit/o rapidity, restlessness agitophasia
-algia pain cephalalgia
ambul/o to walk ambulatory
anomal/o irregular anomaly
anthrac/o coal, carbon,carbuncle anthracosis
anthrop/o man, human being anthropometry
antr/o antrum antrotomy
aphth/o ulcer aphthosis
apic/o apex apicotomy
aque/o water aqueous
atmo- steam, vapor atmometer
axi/o axis abaxial
bar/o weight, pressure barotrauma
bary- heavy, dull, hard baryphonia
-basia walking brachybasia
bathy-, batho deep, depth bathycardia
bio-, bi/o life, living biogenesis
blast.o, -blast early embryonic stage, immature blastocyte
-calculia to compute dyscalculia
calor/i heat calorimetry
campt/o bent camptocormia
capsul/o, caps/o capsule, container casulitis
carcin/o cancer carcinolysis
carl/o caries, rottenness cariogenic
-cataphasia affirmation acataphasia
cathar/o, cathart/o cleansing, purging catharsis
-cathisia, -kathisia sitting acathisia
caud/o tail caudal
avit/o, cav/o hollow, cavity cavitation
chem/o chemical, chemistry chemosurgery
chron/o time, timing chronobiology
clin/o to slope, bend clinocephaly
-coimesis sleeping dyscoimesis
-coma deep sleep semicoma
consci/o awareness, aware unconscious
constric/o narrowing, binding vasoconstriction
contus/o to bruise contusion
corpor/o body corporeal
critic/o crisis, dangerous critical
cry/o cold cryotherapy
cyt/o, -cyte cell cytocide
dem/o people epidemic
disicc/o to dry electrodesiccation
dilat/o enlarge, expand vasodilator
dolich/o long dolichofacial
dolor/o pain dolorogenic
dors/o back dorsoventral
duct/o to lead conduction
dynam/o power, strength dynamometer
-dynia pain gastrodynia
dys- bad, difficult, painful dysphonia
echin/o spiny, prickly echinocyte
ectr/o congenital absence extrogeny
ele/o oil eleoma
emmetr/o the correct measure, proportioned emmetropia
enanti/o opposite, opposed enantiobiosis
equi- equality, equal equilibrium
erethism/o irritation erethismic
eti/o cause etiology
eu- good, normal, well eubiotics
-facient to cause, make happen liquefacient
febr/i fever febriphobia
fil/o, fil/i, filament/o thread, threadlike filamentous
-form specified shape, form multiform
frigo, frigid/o cold frigorism
funct/o performance dysfuntional
gel/o to freeze, congeal gelosis
gemell/o twins gemellology
-gen, gen/o producing,generation pathogen
-genesis production, formation neogenesis
-genic produced by, forming carcinogenic
ger/o, geront/o aged, old age geriatrics
-grade step centrigrade
halp.o simple, single haploid
heredo- heredity heredoimmunity
-hexia condition cachexia
hist/o tissue histoclastic
hydr/o water, hydrogen hydrolysis
iatr/o treatment, physician iatrogenic
-ician specialist clinician
ion/o ion ionophoresis
ipsi- same ipsilateral
-ist specialist pharmacist
-itis inflammation hepatitis
kary/o nucleus karyorrhexis
kym/o waves kymography
-labile unstable, prishable ifrigolabile
later/o side bilateral
ligat/o binding, trying ligature
lim/o hunger builimia
-logist specialist neurologist
-logy study of cardiology
-lucent light-admitting radiolucent
lumin/o light luminecence
ly/o dissolve, loosen lyoenzyme
-malacia softening osteomalacia
-masesis mastication, chewing Dysmasesis
medi/o middle medial
medic/o heal, healing medical
mer/o part meromicrosmomia
meso- middle mesoderm
method/o procedure, technique methodology
-mimesis imitation, simulation pathomimesis
morph/o shape, form dolichomorphic
morph/o shape, form dolichiomorphic
mort/o death mortician
nom/o custom, loaw nomotopic
nomen- name nomenclature
nos/o disease nosology
nucle/o nucleus nucleoplasm
nutri/o, nutrit/o nourish nutrition
ole/o oil oleovitamin
onc/o tumor, mass oncogenesis
organ/o organ organomelgaly
palliat/o soothe, relieve palliative
pant/O fall, whole pantomorphia
path/o disease pathogenic
pharmac/o drugs pharmacology
phyl/o race, species, type phylogenesis
physi/o nature physiologist
physic/o physical, natural physicochemical
phyt/o, -phyte plant phytotoxin
pin/o to drink pinocytosis
plan/o flat, level, wandering planocellular
plant/o sole of the foot plantalgia
-plasm formation.growth neoplasm
plex/o network (nerves or vessels), plexus plexectomy
-poiesis formation cytopoiesis
posit/o arrangement, place reposition
prosop/o face prosopaspasm
prote/o protein proteolysis
psamm/o sand, sand-like material psammomatous
plus/o, pulsat/o to beat, beating pulsation
-puncture to pierce a surface venipuncture
purul/o pus formation purulent
pyr/o fire, fever, heat pyrogen
pyret/o fever pyretolysis
-receptor, -ceptor receiver thermorecepto
resuscit/o revive resuscittion
reticul/o netlike reticular
sanit/a health sanitarian
scirrh/o hard scirrhoma
somat/o body somatotype
-some body chromosome
spectr/o image, spectrum spectrogram
-stabile stable, fixed thermostabile
-stasis standing still, standing hemostasis
-stat device/instrument for keeping something stationary hemostat
stere/o solid three-dimensional stereoradiopraphy
succ/o juice succorrhea
symptom/o occurrence asymptomatic
synaps/o, synapt/o point of contact, to join synaptohenesis
system/o system systematic
systol/o contraction presystole
techn/o skill, art technology
tele/o perfect, complete teleomitosis
temp/p, tempor/o period of time, the temples tempolabile
-therapy, therapeut/o treatment therapeutics
therm/o heat `thermometer
tors/o twisting, twisted sinistrotorsion
tream/o, tremul/o shaking, trembling tremor
tri/o to sort out, sorting triage
-tumescence, tumesc/o swelling detumescence
ventil/o to aerate, oxygenate ventilation
ventr/o internal organs visceromegaly
vit/o life vital
volv/o, volut/o to roll involution
zyg/o union, junction zygogenesis
-oma tumor, mass histocytoma
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