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Activity Director An individual that plans activities for residents and assists them to socialize and stay physically anf mentally active.
Acute A current illness that has sudden symptoms and may be a result of a sudden onset
Assisted living Facilities where residents live who need limited assistance m, but do not require skilled care.
Chronic The disease or condition or condition is long tern or will be long lasting
Cultural differences Beliefs, values, habits, diet and health practices that relate to ones religion
Cultural diversity The variety of people living and working together in a facility
Culture A system of behaviors people learn from the people of which they are surrounded
Culture change A philosophy that focus on providing "person centered" care to residents and creating a positive work environment for health care workers
Denial Rejection of a though or feeling
Dependant Requires staff assistant to carry out activities of Daily living
Displacement Transferring a strong negative feeling to something or someone else
Interdisciplinary team Professionals from each discipline within the birsinh facility who meet and discuss the plan of a resident
Long term care Care for persons who require 24 hour care
Medical Director Physician who provides oversite to the nursing staff regarding the residents
Non-verbal comminication Communication without using words, such as facial communication, to be of voice, posture, gesture, touch, body language, etc.
Objective information Information bases on what is factually seen, heard, touched or smelled. A direct observation.
Ombudsmen Resident advocate who investigated complaints and assists to achieve agreement between parties, usually defending the rights of residents
Palliative care Care,that focuses on the comfort and dignity rather than curing him or her
Person centered care A philisophical approach to nursing home that honors and respects the voice of elders and those working closest to them. It involves a cobt uing process if listening, trying new things, seeing how they work and changing them in an effort to individualized
Projection Seeing feelings in others,that are actually your own
Rationalization Making excuses to justify a situation
Repression Blocking painful painful thoughts or feelings from the mind
Scope of practice The task for which a nurse aid is trained to do, allowed to do.
Skilled care Medically necessary care given by a nurse or therapist
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