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AJ 75 Finals Exam

Chapters 7-15 Finals Exam

When an inmate suffers from the loss of the many roles he occupied in the wider world, this is known as Mortification
___________________ refers to the way in which inmates become socialized into the inmate culture Prisonization
According to Sykes, why would inmates in prison be motivated to engage in deviance To alleviate the pain associated with imprisonment.
When a person entering prison brings with them aspects of his culture from the outside, this is known as Importation
A subset of culture within a prison that has its own norms, values, beliefs, traditions and even language is known as Prison Subculture
Prison gangs have a hierarchical organization structure and a set and often strict code of conduct for its members, true or false True
Groups of people with similar interests who socialize together and who may engage in deviant or criminal activities are known as.... Gangs
Another form of violence , namely group violence, is known as Rioting
By design, prisons are intended to house: a) serious offenders, b) long term offenders, c) individuals convicted of a crime, d) all above, e) Both b and c E) Both b and c are correct
The history of prison gangs is very new to correctional facilities and agencies. True or False False
Which population is increasing in prisons and jails at an exponential rate? elderly, physically ill, or mentally ill? Answer is all
Which population is the true number of inmates in the correctional population not truly known? Gays, lesbians, bisexual, transgender
One of the most notorious incidences of prison rioting occurred in Mobile Alabama in 1971. True or False False
Parole comes from the French phrase which means word of mouth False
The philosophical foundation of parole has historical roots in the : Norfolk Island Penal Colony
Parole granted to an offender after a board chooses to do so is called Discretionary parole
Parole comes from the French word that means to honor. True or false False
The down side of unconditional release in parole is... Inmates have less incentive to abide by prison rules
The process of reintegrating offenders back into their communities regardless of whether or not they were integrated into it in a prosocial way before they entered prison is known as .... Reentry
Members of the parole board are appointed by whom. The governor
On average parolees are more prone to a criminal lifestyle. True or false True
Halfway houses may also serve as an intermediate sanction for offenders not sent to prison but needing greater supervision than straight probation or parole. True or False. True
House arrest is typically used as ... The initial phase of intensive probation or parole
The success rates of parolees are significantly higher than the success rates of probationers, who typically graduate to more serious forms of crime. True or False False
Which of the following is NOT a defining characteristic of a profession? A. Formal on the job training, B) Educational Attainmemt, C) A Clear and detailed job description, D) Pay commensurate with the word. C. A Clear and detailed job description
Corrections work is usually seen as a profession. True or False False
Security staff are no longer guards because it reflects a more primitive roll. True or False True
Which incident was stopped after only a few days due to unethical issues arising? Stanford prison experiment
What is the focus of films that depict correctional facilities? Violence in prisons
During what were prisoners tortured by mostly untrained correctional officers by making them sleep naked, crawl on the floor, and pose in pyramids while naked. The Abu Ghraib scandal
Which of the following is NOT an individual level factor that can affect the correctional workplace? a) Race, b) Age, C) Prior military service, d) None of above D) Nome of the above
What might be defined as the norms, values, beliefs, history, traditions, and language held and practiced by a group of people? Subculture
Negotiations used by union workers that seek benefit provisions from employers is known as : Collective Bargaining
What involves right or wrong behavior on the job? Ethics
Because they represent a smaller proportion of the correctional population, programming for women and girls has traditionally been... Geared towards men or boys.
The first prison to have a separate wing for women inmates was the Newgate Prison
Females cost much more to incarcerate than males. True or False True
Some research suggests that female correctional officers have a calming effect on male prisoners. True or False. True
Which type of sexual harassment occurs when the workplace is sexualized with jokes, pictures, or other ways that is offensive to gender? Hostile environment
Sexual harassment that involves an exchange of something for something else, as in the case of sexual favors is called... Quid pro quo sexual harassment
A) Blacks, B) Whites, C) Minorities, D) Hispanics group members are more likely to be incarcerated in some parts of the country. C Minorities
A term that refers to the skin color and features of a group of people is : RACE
A term that refers to the differences between groups of people based on culture is : ETHNICITY
Slavery was a lucrative business for ship owners in the colonial United States in both the North and the South. True or False True
Which of the following is NOT a way that discrimination is linked to law? A. Age B. Race C. Gender, D. All of the above, E. None of the above. E. None of the Above
Which court case is widely regarded as an early example of a gross miscarriage of justice and as emblematic of the way African Americans have been treated in racists sectors of this country? Scottsboro v Alabama
The imposition of _________________ has led to the disproportionate representation of minority groups in correctional organizations. the war on drugs
Native Americans were given their name by the founding fathers. True or False. False. Name given by Columbus.
Columbus mistakingly believing he was in India, named this group of people in error: Native Americans
Which President actually coined the phrase "The war on Drugs"? Richard Nixon
The internment of 120,000 Japanese Americans into concentration camps occurred during which war? World War II
What does DWB stand for? (Note there are two definitions). Driving while Black/Brown.
Since the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, what has transpired in regards to the hiring of minorities and women? Hiring of minorities and women has increased
The juvenile justice system falls under ____ law. Criminal, Civil, both or neither? Civil
If adult offenders commit a crime, they are referred to as a criminals. If they are minor, they are referred to as Delinquents
Juveniles who do not engage in antisocial behavior are: Abnormal
Even as recent as 300 years ago, children were considered .... Property
In which case did the Court hold that juveniles must be provided with essential due process rights thus ending the HANDS OFF policy previously taken by the Court? Kent v United States
Juveniles are more likely to be waived if they are chronic offenders approaching their upper age limits with the states juvenile court system. True or False. True
Intensive supervision probation is considered only for adults as it places too many conditions on juveniles. True or False False
Many criminals are viewed as evil misfits who prey on decent people in society. True or False True
Who said that civilizations can be judged by the way in which they treat their prisoners? Winston Churchill
Convicted criminals are probably the most despised group of people in any society. True or False True
This doctrine refers to the hesitancy of the judiciary to interfere with the management and administration of prisons. The Hands Off doctrine (NOT ON THE TEST)
Which amendment guarantees of the freedom of religion, speech, press and assembly does not extend these guarantees to the prison settings. The first amendment
Why does the 4th amendment not apply universally to inmates ? Because what is reasonable within the walls of prison may be different than what is considered reasonable outside of the prison walls.
Which amendment forbids cruel and unusual punishment? The 8th Amendment
True or False, the 8th amendment does not apply to inmates since they are in prison to be punished. (8th forbids cruel and unusual punishment). False. 8th amendment guarantees protection for inmates too.
Inmates are the only Americans with a constitutional right to ______ a) Habeas Corpus, b) An Indigent Defense, c) Health Care d) None of Above C) Health Care
The youngest age allowable for the death penalty is _____ 18
Rahabilitation means to restore or return to constructive or healthy society. True or False True
Rehabilitation enjoyed the most popularity during which period? 1950s - 1970s
_________ tries to solve dysfunctional cognitions, emotions, and behaviors in a relatively short time. Cognitive behavioral therapy
Addiction is _____ A psychobiological illness
The numbers show that illicit drug abuse is __________ with criminal behavior. Clearly strongly associated
True or False, all 50 states have sex offender registration laws. True.
_________________ is a key component of changing the correctional system if we ever hope to move beyond the failures that characterize our past. Professionalism
What can be attributed to the explanation for the decline in the use of incarceration? A) The decline in crime, B) The effect of the drug war has waned, C) Declines are tied to reduced state populations, D) All of the Above. D) All above
Which state did NOT experience a discernible trend in the declines of incarceration rates over the last decade? California
One explanation for the decline in incarceration rates can be attributed to reduced state populations. True or False True
Privatization in corrections is ______ phenomenon. A) Relatively new, B) Not a new, C) A waning, D) A disastrous B) Not a new
True or false, Pharmacological treatment supplements traditional treatment methods for alcoholism and drug abuse. True
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