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earth science regents review

air mass a large body of air with similar characteristics throughout it
mT comes from gulf of Mexico
cP comes from canada
arctic air mass is... extremely cold
why is there no maritime arctic air mass? arctic air masses are too cold to hold moisture
in air masses what do k and w stand for k- cooling w- warming
a front a boundary between air masses
when would an occluded front occur? a cold front catches up to a warm front, then the two cold air masses push the warm one up.
how do you tell the movement of a front? they move in the direction the symbols point
cold front cool air forces warm air to rise
warm front warm air is forced over cold air
cold front characteristics moves fast, severe thunder storms
warm front characteristics moves slow, showers that last all day
dew point temperature when condensation begins
relative humidity percent of moisture in air relative to the amount it could hold.
when air temp= dew point relative humidity is 100%
what is needed for clouds to form water vapor, condensation surface, temp at dew point
+ temperature= ____ relative humidity lower
highest humidity when? morning+ evening
+ water vapor content= ___ relative humidity higher
condensation nuclei tiny solid particles that provide a surface for condensation
aerosols condensation nuclei removed from the atmosphere during precipitation
adiabatic cooling air rises, expands, and cools
what causes wind unequal areas of pressure or heat
on the cost during the day people experience a sea breeze
on the cost during the night people experience a land breeze
why don't winds blow directly to the equator Coriolis effect
winds reflect to the______ in the north right
high pressure moves clockwise and out
low pressure system moves counter- clockwise and in
when was the big bang 13.7 billion years ago
what was earths first atmosphere like mostly carbon dioxide and methane
where did earths first gasses come from mainly volcanic eruptions (and outgassing)
what is out gassing the removing of gasses from cracks in earths surface
oxygen first entered the atmosphere from Cyanobacteria and Stromolites
what measures air pressure barometer
+ altitude= ____ pressure lower
+ temp=____ pressure lower
+ moisture content= _____ pressure lower
units for temp *C *F *kelvin
humidity and dew point weather instrument sling psychrometer
wind direction instrument wind vane
wind direction is measured on the direction the wind______ comes from
wind speed weather instrument anemometer
precipitation weather instrument rain gauge
where is Coriolis effect the greatest at the poles
weather moves in NY SW ----> NE
cyclones at what system low pressure
what is orographic lifting when air is forced up by mountains cools, and rains then goes down warms and drys
rule for station model barometric pressure if its over 500 add a 9 if its under 500 ad a 10. Then, add a decimal point before the last number.
Created by: HundoOnES
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