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C Celcious or centigrade
Mcg Microgram
Oz Ounce
Rbc Red blood cells
My/dl Milligrams per deciliter
Gsw Gunshot wound
Dieb. Alt /q.a.d. Every other day
DNA Deoxyribonucleic acid
Amp Ampule
Q.a.d Every other day
MI Myocardial infarction (hertattack )
Tr, ting, tinct, Tincture
P Pulse
Supp Suppository
A.c. Before meals
D.o.b. Date of birth
Gt, gtt Drop, drops
A.t.c Around the clock
Vag Vagina
Kg Kilogram
IVPB Intravenous piggyback
qqh / q4h Every four hours
Fx Fracture
s.i.d/ SID Once a day
Bid /bID Twice a day
OTC Over the counter
Ć Symbol for "with"
Yrs. Years
At.h. Every other day
T.P.N Total parenteral nutrition
Susp Suspension
Sol. Solution
H. Hypodermic
BMP Basic metallic panel (laboratory test)
I&D Incision and drainage
RLQ Right lower quadrant
Mm Millimeter
Q.s A sufficient quantity
QC Quality control
Ung. Ointment
Hx History
VSA Vital sign absent
MVC, MVA Motor vehicle crash, motor vehicle accident
Amt Amount
Cap. Caps. Capsule
D&C Dilation and curettage
DVT Deep vein thrombosis ( blood clot in vein )
STAT Immediately
CBC Complete blood count (laboratory test)
QWK Every week
cib Food
sig Write on label
noct. At night, nocturnal
CNS Central nervous system
et And
Pulv. Powder
H&P History and physical
DT Delirium tremens
Ml Milliliters
IVP Intravenous push
EKG Electrocardiogram
CVA Cerebral vascular accident (stroke)
P.r./ PR By Rectum
IM Intramuscular
S.o.s / si op. Sit If their is a need
q Every , per
X Times
G, gm Gram
RR Respiratory rate
Bis Twice
Dil. Dilute
O_2 or O2 or o.u. Both eyes ;
O.d. Right eye
O.s. Left eye
Iytes Electrolytes
Tsp Teaspoon
W/o Without
Q.a.m Every day before noon
S/p Status post
KCI Potassium chloride
aa Equal part of each
rep./ rept. Repeats
HTN Hypertension ( high blood pressure)
DNR Do not resuscitate
t.d.s/ TDS Three times daily
q.d.s./ q.i.d 4 times a day
q.p.m. Every day afternoon or every evening
WBC White blood cells
VSS Vital signs stable
wt. Weight
CA Cancer
p.c. After meals
W With
top. Topical
mist. Mix
w/a While awake
Lact. Lactic
PV Via the vagina
tbsp. Tablespoon
IV Intravenous
eod Every other day
o.p.d Once per day
N.p.o. Nothing by mouth
Non rep. No repeats
Torches Lozenge
Syr Syrup
c.f./ c.c With food/ meals
DTR Deep tendon reflexes
STD/ STI Sexually transmitted disease
NVD Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea
UTI Urinary tract infection
ID Inteadermal
H, he Hour
elix. Elixer
Ad lib At liberty
prn / PRN As needed
URTI, URI Upper respiratory(tract) infection
LLQ Lower left quadrant
comp. Compound
disp. Disposition or dispense
M.d.u To be used as directed
Ft. Make; let it be made
Noot At night
wf With food / meals
WNL Within normal limits
BSA Body surface are
Mg Milligrams
Dx Diagnosis
dL Deciliter
div. Divide, divorced
ASA Aspirin
DM Diabetes mellitus
COPD Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
ex aq In water
Y.o Years old
e.m.p As directed
Lig. Ligament
HA Headache
C&S Culture and sensitivity
Tab Tablet
Q.h /q.th./ q.1 Every hour/ every 1 hour
Agit Stir/ shake
D5W Dextrose 5% solution
gr. Grains
Fl. Fld Fluid
TX Treatment
mEq Milliequivalent
N.T.E. Not to exceed
T Temperature
Pig. Pigm. Paint
J, jt Joint
BP Blood pressure
Emuls. Emulsion
Rx. Take, take this , take this
Liq Liquid
Per By or through
C/o Complains of
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