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Root Words

Week 18-20

Atmo Vapor
Atmometer A machine that measures the water vapor on a surface
Cradio Heart
Cardiac Relating to the heart
Cosmo World/Universe
Cosmology The study of the development of the universe
Counter Against
Counteract Act against
Cranio Skull
Cranium The skull
Cyclo Circle
Cyclotron An apparatus following a circular path
Gno Know
Gnostic Relating to knowledge
Oss Bone
Ossify Turning into bone
Xylo Wood
Xylophone An instrument played by striking wooden bars
Monger Seller
Fishmonger A person that sells fish for food
Sept Seven
Septillion A million raised to the seventh power
Xeno Stranger
Xenophobia The fear of strangers
Vas Vessal
Vase A vessal for flowers
Fore Front
Forehead The front of the head
Ish Like
Greenish Like the color green
Less Without
Hopeless Without hope
Baro Pressure
Barometer An instrument that measures atmospheric pressure
Ferro Iron
Ferrous Containing iron
Quasi Somewhat
Quasi-offiicial Somewhat official
Nesia Island
Micronesia A tiny island
Let Little
Piglet Little or baby pig
Nano Billionth
Nanosecond One billionth of a second
Pico Trillionth
Picosecond One trillionth of a second
Ideo Idea
Ideology The science of ideas
Ven Come
Prevent To keep something from coming
Puls Drive/Push
Impulse A driving force
Ichthy Fish
Ichthyosour A fish like dinosaur
Calor Heat
Caloric Relating to heat
Sol Sun
Solar Relating to the sun
Strat Layer
Stratum Layers of rock in the ground
Sat Enough
Satisfy Meet enough of ones expectations
Nuc Center
Nucleate Having a center
Created by: K'Lynn Friemoth