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8th Science Review

An 8th Grade Science Review

Law of Superposition as layers get deeper, they also get older
Catastrophism the idea that quick and violent events change Earth
Uniformitarianism the idea that things happening on Earth now also happened in the past
Radiometric Dating figuring out the age of an object using its isotopes
Index Fossil a fossil that can help figure out the age of its surroundings
Natural Selection the idea that good traits will survive and change animals over time
Variation a difference in a trait
Mutation a random genetic change
Adaptation a trait that helps an organism survive or reproduce
Vestigial Structure a structure that is no longer needed, but is still there
Pathogen a disease making organism: there are 4 types (Bacteria, Virus, Fungi, Protists)
Vector anything that carries or gives a disease to another organism
Disease a condition that is not normal, and affects an organism
Epidemic when a disease spreads quickly and widely in small area
Pandemic when a disease spreads quickly and widely in a large area/world wide
Nuclear Power it makes a lot of power and is safe when you mine, but it creates toxic waste
Hydroelectric Power renewable and creates no pollution, but it destroys the homes of some animals
Solar Power renewable and is getting better, but it is expensive and the sun isn't always shining
Wind Power renewable and can be used at night, but it only works when there is wind
Natural Gas cleanest fossil fuel and and doesn't leave anything dangerous behind, but it is nonrenewable
Coal Power we are already using it across the world and always provides power, but it is nonrenewable and harmful
Renewable a resource that you won't run out of
Nonrenewable a resource that you can run out of
Fossil Fuels the remains of plants and animals that died millions of years ago
Created by: 21pbrown