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English 1

final review

A fair city where two households from ancient grudge Verona
A sonnet with consists of 14 lines written in iambic pentameter Romeo and Juliet
Poetic device used in the following "…..two foes" Alliteration
Servant men who bite their thumbs Samson and gregory
The voice of reason in Romeo and Juliet in contrast to Romeo mood and passion Benvolio
A passionate man who hates the word peace Tybalt
Rhetorical device "Oh brawling love, oh loving hate." Oxymoron
Dreamt a dream about Queen Mab ? Mercutio
the words and actions of the characters of a work of literature have a different meaning for the reader than they do for the characters Dramatic Irony
Romeo and Mercutio are what?? foils
With temder Juliet matched is now not fair
A figure of speech in which a statement appears contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truth. paradox
Who is the narrator of the Cask of Amontillado? Montressor
Why does M hate Fortunado? He insulted him
What can be inferred from these lines "At length......" He will carry out his revenge
The setting of the story is a small town in Maryland during the Great Depression? (Marigolds) True
The event of the story takes place in beginning of the fall when the marigolds bloom? False; summer
Miss Lottie lives alone in a rundown house in the county side. false; lives with her son
The narrator, in the end, hates the sight of marigolds because of the shame she feels over her actions false
How did Montressor know that the house would be empty? he had told the servants he wouldn't be home and not to stir from the house and knew they would leave
Where had the stone and mortar, used by Montressor to wall up the entrance to the niche, been hidden? a pile of bones
the catacombs were... gas, damp, dark, moist, gloomy
Where and when is the story set? carnival season, Italy. great catacombs of Paris
Why does Montressor make sure Fortunado drinks lots of wine? to confuse him, so intoxicated he wouldn't be able to notice he was being deceived
What is Luchesi's role in the story? the other taster of Montressor that he would sell to, to make Fortunado jealous
What is the style/theme of this story and Edgar Allen Poe stories? suspenseful
Where did the nickname Doodle come from? when he began to crawl like a doodlebug
What sis Aunt Nicey symbolize when she had sad eh was born in a caul made of Jesus' night gown? he would be strong
What was doodle's real name? William Armstrong
What was the season of the Scarlet Ibis? Summer
What had the narrator wanted? a brother he could do physical activities with,
Why did the narrator teach his brother how to walk? he was embarrassed he had a 5 yr old brother that couldn't walk
Who was Miss Leedie in love with? President Wilson
How did the narrator feel when everyone congratulated Doodle for walking? happy because he could do something for him
Why did Doodle die? he was worked to hard by his brother
What did the scarlet ibis symbolize? it came all the way to the tropics to die in their Backyard
Why did Doodle relate to the Scarlet Ibis? he would die soon he did not belong
The scarlet Ibis foreshadows? death
What was the theme of "A cask of Amontillado"? Excessive pride
Where did Esperanza's family live before Mango? Loomis 3rd floor, Keeler, Paulina
Characters of HOMS Carlos, Keke, Mama, Papa, Nenny, Esperanza, Gil, Mr. Benny, Angel Vargas, Cathy, Rachel, Lucy, Sally, Darius, Alicia, Aunt Lupe, Uncle Nacho
THOMS pov first person point of view
Style of THOMS conversational language spanish/english poetry
Marigold author Eugenia W. Collier
Marigolds setting summer
Martin Collingwood went to school to do what? be a Mortician
What play had she decided not to take part in? ( An Ounce of Cure) Pride and Prejudice
Who did he date instead? Mary Bishop
What dance happened she did not attend? Spring dance
Who did she call? Kay Stringer
Setting of AOOC April
courtly love so in love with someone that cause emotional and physical pain
petrarchan conceit a love that is torturous
Created by: fikott1