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Science vocab

Amperes Amps(A)
Voltage Volts(V)
Direct Current (DC) Flows in 1 direction
Alternating Current (AC) Flows of electrons in one direction then reverses the flow in another direction
Electric Current When electricity flows between two points
Parallel Circuits two or more pathways for the electricity to flow
Electricity Force created by a difference in charges (+&-) due to gain or loss of electrons
Ions Atoms that lose or gain electrons
Resistance Tendency of a material to oppose the flow of electricity
Resistors Objects designed to slow the flow of electricity
Transformer device which can increase or decrease voltage between two points
Ohm's law Formula to find electricity
Conductor Not Easily
Insulator Move Easily
Lightning Form of current produced by electricity in the clouds
Grounding Connecting an object to earth with a router
Open Circuit Flow free
Closed Circuit Cant flow easily
Protons subatomic particle
Neutrons subatomic particle
Static Electricity The excess of charges in place on a material
Atoms What matter is made of
120 Volts Standard outlet
Short Circuit Stops flow of electricity
Conduction heat is moved
Induction Make new
Repel Don't stick
Attract connect
Electrons negatively charged particle
Anti-Cling Preventing objects to connect
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