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Marilin S A1 ESPS

what is a system Set of connected thing or parts forming a complex whole
what is energy strength required for sustained physical or mental activity
what is matter anything that has mass and takes up space
what is the main source of external energy for earth the sun
what is an open system system that can freely exchange matter
what is a closed system system that cannot exchange matter
why is earth essentially a closed system things can come in but not out
how dos hydrosphere interact with geosphere water does erodes the dirt
two laws of thermodynamics energy cannot be created or destroyed, entropy of any isolated system always increases
persentage of atmosphere is nitrogen 78%
How much of the earth is covered in salt water? 71%
How much of the earth is covered in freshwater? 2.5%
what is hydrosphere clouds
what is cyrosphere rocks
what is nitrogen fixation atmospheric nitrogen is assimilated into organic compounds
what is denitrification loos or removal of nitrogen or nitrogen compounds
what point of the mantle is the coolest lithosphere
what point of the mantle is the hottest core
condensation water that collects as droplets ona cold surfacewhen humid air is in contact with it
precipitation rain snow sleet hail
freezing something that is liquid that turns into solid
evaporation water turning into vapor
what is water plolar uneven distribution of electron density
cohesion Aciton or fact of forming a united whole
adhesion tendency of dissimilar particles or surface
Created by: Marilin264