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religion exam

why is Abraham called our father in faith? He responded to God's call by choosing to act as a faithful believer in God's word. We share in the covenant God made with Abraham.
What is faith. Faith is the theological virtue that enables us to believe all that God has revealed.and accept all that God has revealed.
How are we called to share in God's covenant of love. We are called to show our love for God by acting in his images.
What three religions call Abraham their father in faith. Islam, Judaism, Christianity.
The Corporal works of Mercy. Feed the hungry. Give drink to the thirsty. Clothe the naked. Shelter the homeless. Visit the sick. Visit the imprisoned. Bury the dead.
When did Abraham live Four thousand years ago
How have we learned about Abraham's world. Through the bible and discoveries of clay tablets.
What city was Abraham born. Ur
Did the people in Abraham's world know the one true God. No they worshipped many Gods.
By what was the meaning of Abrahams first name. Abram means father
What does Abraham mean father of many nations
How did Abraham responfd to Gods call He showed God his faith and immediately did as God asked.
Terah, Sarah, Lot, Melchizedek Terah Abraham's mother. Sarah was Abraham's wife. Lot was his nephew. Melchizedek was a priest king of Salem.
What duties did the priest perform in Abraham's time. Performed religious ceremonies and acted as a go-between for God and the people.
Why is Melchizedek considered a type of Christ. He offered up bread and wine.
What did God promise to Abraham at various times. To make Abraham's name great. to give him many descendants. To give him a son. To form a great nation and have land in Canaan.
Who is Sarah's slave girl Hagar
What is the name of Sarah and Abraham's son Ishmael
What is polygamy Having more then one wife at the same time.
Created by: cshaw2005