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Russian Stack


I ya
You (familiar) thi
You (polite) vhi
He own
She anah
It (neuter) ano
This/that eta
This one/that one etat
We mui
You (you people) Vui
They ani
Good Morning Dobraye Utra
Good Afternoon Dobre dyen
Good evening dobre vyecher
Night noch
Good night spakoyne noche
Tranquil night spakoyne noche
Goodbye Dos vydanya, paka
please paszaulsta
youre welcome paszaulsta
thank you spaciba
yes da
no niet
sir gaspadeen
madame, mrs, miss gaspaszha
I want ya hachu
I desire ya hachu
I don't want... ya nye hachu
I want a ticket. Ya hachu bilyet.
to me minye
for me minye
I need minye nushna
For me, it's necessary.. minye nushna
I want coffee minye nushna cofye
i need coffee minye nushna cofye
where, where is gydye
where is the toilet gydye tooalyet
how much skolka
how many skolka
how much does it cost? skolka eta stoit
how much does that cost? skolka eta stoit
hour chas
o'clock chas
what time? katoram chisu
at what time? fkatoram chisu, va skulka
is yest
exists yest
you have uvas yest
by you is.. uvas yest
a book (polite) kuneega
you have a book (polite) uvas yest kuneega
by you is a book (pol) uvas yest kuneega
do you have a map uvas yest karta
do you have a pencil uvas yest karandash
i understand ya paneemyu
i don't understant ya nye paneemyu
do you understand (pol) vuh paneemyitsa
i don't speak ya nye gavaru
i don't speak russian ya nye gavaru pa ruski
it is eta
is it? eta?
train poyest
trains poyestda
automobile maschina aftomabil
automobiles maschinee aftomabili
boat karabul
boats karablee
airplane samolyoht
airplanes somolyohteh
bus aftobus
bus stop astanofka afto-busa
ticket bilyet
tickets bilyeti
cash register casa
pay desk casa
ticket window bilyetnaya casa
ticket office bilyetnaya agyentstva
ticket agency bilyetnaya agyentstva
airport ay-era-port
airports ayeraporteh
the flight eriyes
a connection (flight) svyas
connections (flight) svyazee
gate (airport) varota
toilets tooalyetee
station stancia
road daroga
a way daroga
a journey daroga
iron (ferrous) shyelezni
the railway shyelezni daroga
railway station szheleznayadaroshnaya stansaya, vagzal
the bus station afto-busnaya stansaya
platform platforma
which platform? kakaya platforma?
which track? kakoi poot
which train car? kakoi vagon
phrases vereshzenye
where is the train station? gydye vagzal?
to the train station please na vagzal pashaulsta
to the airport please va ayeroport pashaulsta
i need a taxi minye nushna taxi
i need a ticket minye nuszhan bilyet
a ticket to moscow bilyet dumoskvih, bilyet vuhmoskvu
the train to moscow el poyest vumoskvu, poyest dumoskvih
the train from moscow poyest izmoskvi
the train from kiev to moscow poyest izkieva vumoskvu
first pyervi
first class pyervi klahs
second class ftaroy klahs
an end, a way, a route konyet
a one way ticket bilyet vadeen konyet
there toodah
a round trip ticket, a ticket there and back bilyet toodah y abratna
to smoke kooreet
no smoking nye kooreet
at what time does the train leave vaskulka poyest atpravlaitsa
at what time does the train arrive vaskulka poyest privavayat
where is the bus to moscow gydye aftobus dumoskvih
what number? kakoye nomer
which number? kakoye nomer
which seat, which place kakoye myista
seat number 5 myista nomer pyat
a seat reservation ticket zabranyervanee bilyet
a time table, schedule raspisanya
the first train pyervi poyest
the second train ftaroy poyest
the next train salyeduishi poyest
the last train basledknee poyest
Created by: HSF2
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