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Final Exam

8th Grade Earth Science

What is the Atomic Number? Number of protons in the nucleus of an atom
What are protons? Positive
What are neutrons? Neutral
What is the Nucleus? the core of an atom; where most of the mass of the atom exists
What is the Nucleus made of? Protons and Neutrons
What is Atomic Mass? the number of protons plus neutrons
What are Electrons? Electrons are negative and they move around the nucleus
What are the layers of the earth from thickest to thinnest? Mantle, outer Core, Inner Core, Crust
What are the layers of the earth from outside to inside? Crust, Mantel, Outer Core, Inner core
Whats the Crust made of? earths surface and continental/oceanic plates; where we live
Whats the Mantel made of? Molten Rock
Whats the Outer Core made of? Liquid nickel and iron
Whats the Inner Core made of? Solid nickel and iron
How do Geologists know about the interior of the Earth? Seismic Waves
What is erosion? Transport of weathered material
What are some examples of erosion? Carving a canyon by running water/ formation of underground caverns by water/ landslide
What is Mechanical Weathering? The physical breakdown
Examples of Mechanical Weathering Roots breaking rocks and water freezing and expanding to break a rock
What is Chemical Weathering? Chemically breaks down and changes a substance
Examples of Chemical Weathering Acid water dissolving rock
What are minerals made of? Crystals
What are rocks made of? Minerals
What are the properties of a Mineral? Hardness, luster, color, streak, cleavage/fracture, and density
What are the three types of rocks? Igneous, Metamorphic, and Sedimentary
How is an Igneous rock formed? Formed when magma/lava from a volcano cools and hardens
How is a Metamorphic rock formed? Formed through heat and pressure
How is a Sedimentary rock formed? Formed through weathering/erosion and then compaction/cementation
What do Topographic Maps show? Elevation
What are Contour lines? Lines that connect points of equal elevation on a Topographic map
When the contour lines are close together, what does that mean? Steep elevation
How do tectonic plates move? Convection Currents
What are the three type of tectonic plate boundaries? Transform boundaries, Convergent boundaries, and Divergent boundaries
What do tectonic plates do at transform boundaries? Slide past each other
What do tectonics plates do at convergent boundaries? Move toward each other
What do tectonic plates do at divergent boundaries? Move apart from each other
How are the Moon, Sun, and Earth positioned during a Lunar Eclipse? Sun, Earth, Moon
How are the Moon, Sun, and Earth positioned during a Solar Eclipse? Sun, Moon, Earth
What causes the seasons? The tilt of the Earth
What is the order of the planets? MY VERY EDUCATED MOTHER JUST SERVED US NACHOS-Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune,
What are the inner planets? Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars
What are the outer planets? Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune
What is the difference between the inner and outer planets? The inner planets are small and do not have rings, unlike the inner planets the outer planets are gas giants and all have rings.
Created by: cayla.jolie
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