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PN 1000 Quiz #1

Study Guide

What does the Practical Nursing Program Diploma enable you to do? It enables the student to acquire principles and knowledge from the biological and behavioral sciences as well as the science of nursing.
What does NCLEX stand for and what does it allow LPNs to do? National Council Licensure Examination. Once passed, LPNs gain entry-level positions as members of a health care team in hospitals, long-term care facilities, home health, and a variety of other health-care areas.
Brown Mackie's Philosophy includes 6 different categories. What are they? The Individual, Society, Nursing, Health, Learning, and Pracitcal Nursing education.
What is Abraham Maslow's theory of hierarchy of needs? A model that provides a horizontal line across all needs, and growth is represented by the horizontal line moving upwards through all needs.
What is Health? Health is the state of the individuals physical, mental, and social well-being.
Once basic physiological needs are well-gratified, what happens? new needs emerge and the practical nurse promotes, maintains, and restores health b
What does Maslow believe? humans strive to become "self-actualized" persons
What is Health characterized by? It is a changing state of the individual, characterized by wholeness and integrity of physical structures, biological functioning, and the bio-psycho-social- cultural development.
What does Maslow believe? Humans strive to become "self-actualized" persons.
How does one become "self-actualized"? One must satisfy the first level of basic needs and subsequently satisfy all higher needs before reaching the top of the pyramid which is "self-actualization".
When a person has reached self-actualization, they: Have reached their fullest potential. A person attaining this level is considered truly healthy.
What is learning? Learning is a lifelong process facilitated when the learner and teacher share responsibilities for outcomes.
What are the four sequential ways learning is best accomplished? a.) simple to complex b.) known to unknown c.) normal to abnormal d.) general to specific
Where do nurses generally learn their critical thinking skills? Clinical settings.
Created by: Saxblonde