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Geog 120 Final Pt. 1

air mass Which thunderstorm is most likely to occur within a mT (maritime tropical) parcel of air?
convective lifting Air mass thunderstorms form primarily due to __________.
cumulonimbus incus At which of the following stages of air mass thunderstorm development would you find the tallest largest cumulus type cloud?
downdrafts In a dissipating air mass thunderstorm, __________ dominate
2 pm - 9 pm Which of the following times might one expect an air mass thunderstorm to occur
June In what month do we record the most thunderstorm wind events in the U.S.A. ?
Florida Air mass thunderstorms are more common in which of the following U.S. states?
multicell “Training”, heavy continuous rains, multiple thunderstorms passing over an area can be caused by __________ thunderstorms
cold Which type of front is more likely to produce thunderstorm weather?
different Multicell thunderstorms have thunderstorm cells in ____ stage of development?
supercell Which of the following thunderstorms is at its maximum intensity after midnight?
wall cloud Which of the following cloud characteristics is indicative of the mesocyclone at the bottom of the thunderstorm?
back portion, bottom of cloud Which type of mammary (mammatus) clouds might you find associated with the rear-flanking downdraft of a thunderstorm?
rotating updraft The term mesocyclone refers to what in a thunderstorm?
mesoscale convective complexes In which group of thunderstorms are the individual thunderstorms all in the same stage of development
parallel, cold Frontal thunderstorms form _____ to a _____ front.
overshooting top Which of the following cloud characteristics is indicative of a mesocyclone at the top of a thunderstorm ?
SW The mesocyclone of a supercell thunderstorm is most likely found in which sector of the storm?
wind shear The distorted V seen is SRM radar images indicates:
mesoscale convective complexes Super outbreaks of tornadoes are associated with which thunderstorm complexes?
negative The bottom of a cumulonimbus cloud tends to have a _____ charge.
graupel and ice crystals Charge separation in a thunderstorm involves which substances' interactions?
positive, top "Bolts from the blue” are most likely __________ lightning and originates in the __________ of a thundercloud
stepped ladder The first lightning strike to move out of the bottom of a cloud and get within 50 meters of the ground is called
positive The most ‘powerful’ type of lightning based on the distance traveled from a storm would be _____ lightning.
negative, intracloud The most common form of lightning is called
positive streamers Positive charges that stream off of high points at the Earth surface are called:
return stroke In talking about negative lightning, which part of a cloud to ground lightning strike carries the most electrical current?
forked Lightning that shows branches as it flashes in the sky is called:
heat Lightning that is too far away to hear the thunder is called _____ lightning.
air pressure Thunder is caused by rapidly expanding ___ _______ decaying to an acoustic wave
3 If you see a lightning bolt and hear thunder 15 seconds later, the lightning bolt was _____ miles away from you.
same areas Lightning is more common along the Gulf of Mexico because air mass thunderstorms are more common in the _____ _____
positive streamers When a negative cloud to ground lightning bolt gets close to the ground, it typically meets the _____ rising up to meet the bolt
parts, times Thunder makes a rumbling noise because sound from different _____ of the lightning bolt reach the hearer at different _____
thunderstorms The charge separation between the Earth's surface and top of the atmosphere is maintained by _______.
negative, intracloud Sheet lightning is what general type of lightning?
2-3 In New York State, you have a chance that lightning will strike within a half mile (kilometer) of you at least ____ times per year
positive shadow Charges that follow a thunderstorm because they are attracted to the bottom of a thunderstorms are called:
1-2 cm A typical lightning stroke is ____ wide at the surface of the Earth.
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