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EMT Drug Facts

Drug Facts

What is Actidose? Activated Charcoal
Activated Charcoal-Indications ingested poisons by mouth; administer after receiving orders from MD or poison control
Activated Charcoal-Contraindications (1)Altered mental status (not fully conscious) (2)Swallowed acids or alkalies (3)Unable to swallow.
Activated Charcoal-Dosage 1g per kg (~2 lb) of body weight
Activated Charcoal-Actions Binds to poisons in the stomach and prevents their absorption into the body.
Activated Charcoal-Side Effects Blackening of the stools, possible vomiting.
Epinephrine Auto-Injector-Indications (1)Signs and symptoms of a severe allergic reaction (2)Medication is prescribed to the patient. (3)EMT-B has recieved order from MD
Epinephrine Auto-Injector-Contraindications None, when used in life-threatening allergic reaction.
Epinephrine Auto-Injector-Dosage 1 Use; Adult-0.3mg, Child-0.15mg
Epinephrine Auto-Injector-Actions Mimics the response of the sympathetic nervous system: (1) Constricts blood vessels (2) Relaxes smooth muscles (3) Stimulates heartbeats (4) Reverses swelling and hives
Epinephrine Auto-Injector-Side Effects Increased heart rate, pale skin, dizziness, chest pain, headache, nausea and vomiting, excitability and anxiousness.
What is Anacin? Aspirin
Aspirin-Indications Chest pain suggestive of acute myocardial infraction.
Aspirin-Contraindications Bleeding ulcer, hemorrhagic states, hemophilia, children, already on anti-clotting medication
Aspirin-Dosage 160-325 mg
Aspirin-Actions Decreases platelet aggregation.
Aspirin-Side Effects Use caution in patients with asthma.
What is metaproterenol? MDI
Metered Dose Inhaler-Indications (1) Exhibits signs and symptoms of breathing difficulty (2)Patient has a physician-prescribed MDI (3) EMT-B has recieved MD approval
Metered Dose Inhaler-Contraindications (1) Patient is not responsive enough to use the MDI (2) MDI is not prescribed for the patient (3) Maximum dose allowed is reached proir to arrival (4) Permission denied by MD
Metered Dose Inhaler-Dosage Each depression delivers a precise dose. The number of depression is determined by MD.
Metered Dose Inhaler-Actions Beta agonist, relaxes the bronchiole smooth muscles, dilates the lower airway
Metered Dose Inhaler-Side Effects Tachycardia, tremors, shakiness, nervousness, dry mouth
Nitroglycerin-Indications (1) Patient exhibits signs and symptoms of chest pain. (2) Patient has physician-prescribed nitroglycerin (3) EMT-B has approval from MD
Nitroglycerin-Contraindications (1) Baseline blood pressure below 100mmHG systolic (2) Suspected head injury (3) Patient is a child or infant (4) Three doses already taken (5) Has taken erectile dysfunction medication within 72 hours
Nitroglycerin-Dosage One tablet or spray under the tongue, may be repeated in 3-5 minutes if (1) Patient experiences no relief (2) BP remains under 100 (3) MD approves it
Nitroglycerin-Actions Relaxes blood vessels, decreased workload on the heart.
Nitroglycerin-Side Effects Vessel dilation may cause headache, drop in BP, pulse rate changes, burning tongue
Oral Glucose-Indications (1) Altered mental status with (2) history of diabetes controlled by medication and (3) ability to swallow the medication
Oral Glucose-Contraindications (1) Unconscious (2) Unable to swallow medication
Oral Glucose-Dosage Typical Dose 1 Tube
Oral Glucose-Administration Oral, squeeze or place a portion between the cheek and gum.
Oral Glucose-Actions Increases blood and brain sugar levels.
Oral Glucose-Side Effects May cause an airway obstruction in the patient without a gag reflex.
What is isoetharine? MDI
What is metaprel? MDI
What is alupent? MDI
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