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History Exam

Tundra cold and barren
Taiga evergreen forests
steppe grassy plains
Sahara scarce rain and vegetation
Sahel little rain and vegetation but more than Sahara
savanna more rain and vegetation than Sahel
Imperialism one nation controlling the gov. and or economy of another
civil war one nation fighting itself
propaganda info published to promote the gov
culture set of beliefs, values, and or practices shared in a group
genocide when one group tries to murder all members of another particular group
Who were the main super powers involved in the Cold War USSR and USA
What was the main super powers in cold war main political difference USSR is communistic and USA is democratic
Why was it called "Cold" they didn't fight directly, but instead used proxys
what was the cause of the "troubles" conflicts between people who wanted to be in the U.K and those who wanted to be part of Ireland
result of the "troubles" they figured it out and are now living peacefully
communism economy completely controlled by gov.
democracy people decide on gov. themselves
dictatorship one leader of gov who takes power
theocracy gov. where religion controls the gov
parliament group that makes laws
Tsar Nicholas II Russia, last tsar and overthrown by communism and killed
Indira Gandhi India, first woman Prime Minister
Hakeem Olajuwon Nigeria, famous basketball player
Hudson Taylor Britain, missionary to China
Hayao Miyazaki Japan, anime director
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