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Illegal Contracts

Contract Law

Case NameDescription
St John Shipping v Joseph Rank Defendants tried to argue they did not have to pay for cargo delivered as the ship was illegally overloaded
Quinn v IBRC Tried to avoid paying back loans as they had been taken out for an illegal purpose
Everet v Williams Unenforceable agreement of two highwaymen who agreed to share the proceeds of their robberies
Clay v Yates Contract to publish a libel was held to be illegal and unenforceable as it was grounded in a tort
Gray v Hibernian Insurance Since the insured had been acquitted on a criminal charge of arson, the insurance company had to honour the fire insurance policy
Pearce v Brooks Unable to claim damages for breach of contract when carriage used by prostitute to travel in to attract customers was returned in a damaged condition
Armhouse Lee Ltd v Chappell Phone sex line unable to avoid paying for advertisements
Lord Mayor, Alderman & Burgesses of Dublin v Hayes Courts found void an agreement to pay money for an appointment to public office
Tomlinson v Dick Evans "U" Drive Unable to bring unfair dismissal proceedings as pay raise had been paid out of petty cash fund
Pro Active Sports Management v Rooney Agreement to be represented exclusively for eight years constituted a particularly long time relative to the duration of a footballer's career
Whitecross Potatoes v Coyle Plaintiffs could sue on contract as they had no knowledge of defendant's decision to illegally smuggle potatoes into Northern Ireland
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