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Contract Law

Case NameDescription
Paradine v Jane Defendant leased lands which became occupied by the Military during the English Civil War
Gamble v The Accident Insurance Co Deceased required to notify defendant of any accident within seven days
Taylor v Caldwell Plaintiff rented a hall for a series of concerts, which was subsequently destroyed by fire
Finelvet AG v Vinava Shipping Company Ship became trapped in the Persian Gulf during the Iran/Iraq war
Krell v Henry Contract letting rooms for viewing Coronation processions of Edward VII was held to be frustrated when he became ill
Hearne Bay Steam Boat Co v Hutton Contract to charter steamboat for watching the Naval Review was not frustrated by its cancellation as it had nothing in particular to do with the Review, and he had also planned to take out paying customers
Tsakiroglou v Nobleee and Throl Closure of Suez Canal was not enough to frustrate contract to transport groundnuts
Zuphen v Kelly Technical Services Just because eircom cancelled their contract with the defendant did not mean their contract with the plaintiff technicians was frustrated, particularly since they failed to provide for this in the contract
McGull v Aer Lingus & United Airlines UA employees were striking but AL sold plane ticket to plaintiff anyway
Fibrosa English company paid deposit of machinery to Polish company just before the outbreak of WWII
Created by: maevb