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mental health test 3

test 3

What are 2 types of cognitive disorders? Delirium & dementia
What means pertaining to thinking and the thought process? Cognitive
Delirium & dementia are considered___________,that there is a known or presumed underlying cause. Organic
Organic illness has been divided into.... organic mental syndrome & organic mental disorders
What are the two most frequently occuring forms of organic mental disorders? Dementia & delirium
__________ is usually reversible Delirium
__________ is usually irreversible Dementia
________________ is an organic mental disorder Alzheimer's Type Dementia
Delerium caused by a medical condition could result from... Anesthesia, medications, pain or unfamiliar surroundings
What age group does delerium caused by a medical condition occur in? any age group but sometimes it's more difficult for younger than older to recover from the disorientation
Fogging of consciousness-incoherent or slurred speech, perceptual disturbances, sleep cycle disturbances, increase or decrease in psychomotor activity, disorientation, memory impairment, symptoms that develop within several hrs to 2 days Delirum
Feeling of depression, anger and freustration, forms of delirium(hallucinating, confusion, forgetting), forms of dementia(forgetting common info,inability to anser questions or process info) HIV-Related Dementia
Trama to the brain, which is sometimes reversible and sometimes irreversible, may display signs of delirium or dementia or both Dementia related to head injury
Alzheimer's is considered an _________________ Organic mental disorder
What is progressive and irreversible; it worsens in time and at this point is not curable? Alzheimer's
What age is the onset for Alzheimer's? 30s and 40s
1 in 10 people over the age of 65 have__________? Alzheimer's
How many stage sof progression for Alzheimer's is there? 4 stages
Slight memory loss, may wander and becomelost & disoriented to time and place is what stage? stage 1
Memory worsens, losses ability to make sound judgement, neglects personla hygiene, gromming and health stage 2
Forgetting worsens, may not identify own name or reconize family & close friends, may display inappropriate behaviors such as screaming, lose control of bowel & bladded & may become unsteady walking alone stage 3
Unable to care for self, unable to walk well if at all, incoherent, totally incontinent & may have seizures stage 4
Aricept is a medication approved for the treatment of Alzheimer's -type dementia. Nurses must be alert to what side effect? bradycardia
Which statement is not true about alzheimer's disease A) It is a disorder B) It may occur in middle to late life c) It is a chronic disease D) It is caused by the aging & hardening of the arteries D) It is caused by the aging & hardening of the arteries
Which of the following would you expect to see in a pt who been diagnosed with organic mental disorder A) Intact memory B) Appropriate behavior C) Disorganization of thought D) Oriented to person,place & time C) Disorganization of thought
What are conditions in which there are physical symptoms with no organic cause and that physical symptoms are connected to a psychological conflict & these pts cannot control their symptoms,the symptoms are considered to be caused by unconscious mechanism somatoform disorders
A nurse working with patients who have somatoform illnessess underestand the symptoms will be primarily... Body related
Somatoform disorders are those with? pHYSICAL SYMPTOMS WITH NO ORGANIC CAUSE
A pt has lost functional use of his rgt arm,there is no confirmation of organic illness, he seems willing to help himself,except for the inability to move his arm, he may be experiencing what? conversion disorder
A major symptom of hypochondriasis is Belief that an illness exists for which the patient cannot be helped
The best nursing action for a patient with hypochondriasis is to? Assist the patient to focus on his or her abilities & strengths
No known or presumed underlying cause Organic
2 types of potential causes for organic are Psychoanalytic theory & biological theory
What are some examples of psychoanalytic theory? effects of fear, depression or anxiety
What are some examples of biological theory? related to age, severe alterations in temperature, systemic illness, physical trauma & chemical trauma
This has more research to support the causes than psychoanalytic, it mimics treatable conditions and you need a complete physical exam & patient hx to rule out other medical.metabolic disorders Biological Dementia
this is caused by a medical condition "Alzheimer's Disease" Delirium
This is caused by HIV or by a head injury Dementia
What is temporary, caused by anesthesia, meds, pain & unfamiliar settings, can affect any age group some times more difficult for very young than old to recover from delirium caused by a medical condition
donepezil (Aricept) galantamine (Reminyl) rivastigmine (Exelon) are used to treat what? Alzheimer's type of dementia
A reaction that converts anxiety into a physical symptom Conversion Disorder
When is the onset for conversion disorder? Adolescence or young adulthood
Decrease or loss with physical functioning, paralysis & blindness are most common & no supportive organic disease? Conversion disorder
What is when anxiety is relieved by the dysfunction? Primary gain
What is the benefit a person may acquire as a result of staying ill? Secondary gain
What is a personal gain by faking symptoms? Malingering
Professional patients and "worried about getting it" Hypochondriasis
What is the onset of teens to 30's & is imagined defect in appearance:example facial appearance or ocd Dysmorphophibia/body Dysmorphic Disorder
Onset of age 30; 13-35 systems & have unnecessary surgery Somatization Disorder
Onset is at any age, more frequent in women than men somatoform pain disorder
Examples of Somatoform pain disorder would be psychalgia, pain that is usually not consistent and pain that doesn't change location
What is the apparent lack of concern for a disease (blindness) called? La Belle Indifference
What would be the best nursing action for a patient with hypochondriasis? Assist the patient to focus on his or her abilities and strengths
The somatoform disorder that has the symptoms of free-floating anxiety and pain that changes location is frequently called? Somatization disorder
What are chemicals that alter a mood perception, mental functioning and or behavior? Psychoactive drugs
What means the physical dependence on a substance? Addiction
The ability to endure the effects of a drug or the need for higher amounts of the drug to produce the high is called tolerance
the unpleasant physical, psychological or cognitive effects that result from decreasing or stopping the use of the chemical after regular use withdrawal
This is a condition in which a person has had 3 or more of the following symptoms for 1 month or longer.... substance dependency
The desired effects of Antabuse is? Nausea, vomiting & palpitations
The defense mechanism most frequently demonstrated by the chemically dependent person is? Denial
The best nursing action for people who are in active withdrawal is to? Maintain safety for the patient
Nurses know that alcohol finctions as a... CNS depressant
The patient who is experiencing delirium tremens is most likely to exhibit what type of hallucinations? Visual
One of the major skills a chemically dependent family can learn during treatment is Honest communication
Acampresate, Naltrexone (Revia) New Generation of meds for alcohol-related diagnosis
Unpleasant physical, psychological or cognitive effects that result from decreasing or stopping the use of a chemical Withdrawal
Physical dependency on a substance addiction
Produe 3 times the amount of carbon monoxide, tar & nicotine of traditional cigarettes Bidis
This is becoming the drug of choice;made from common household items Methamphetamine
Dishonesty & inability to discuss the situation are strong components Dysfunctional relationship
Improper use of alcohol & impaired social or occupational functioning;leading to signs of tolerance or withdrawal Alcohol dependency
Conditions arising when well-meaning significant others actions take away the oppertunity for the user to become responsible for his or her own actions Codependency
The ability to endure the effects of a drug or the need for higher amounts of the drug to produce the desired effects Tolerance
Pattern of compulsive use of alcohol Alcohol abuse
What are the 3 types of eating disorders? anorexia, bulimia and morbid obesity
The eating disorder that is characterized as an aversion to food is called? Anorexia Nervosa
The group of americans that appear to have the highest percentage of obesity is? African Americans
An appropriate nursing diagnosis for a patient with anorexia might be? Altered nutrition;less than required amount, as evidence by disinterests in eating
A key nursing intervention to help patients with eating disorders is? Encourage the patient to express underlying feelings about food, body image and self worth
Bulimia nervosa is characterized by all the following except..A) Binging food B) Purging food after eating it C) Being able to control eating pattern D) Obession with body shape and size C) Being able to control eating patterns
Excessive weight loss, intensive fear of being fat, excessive exercising, absence of period, sleeping very little & disorted body image is Anorexia Nervosa
What disorder is where pt's abuse laxatives, diuretics, chew & then spit, vomit & abuse insulin Anorexia Nervosa
What can cause low blood pressure, stunt growth, weekened pulse, tooth decay & even death Anorexia Nervosa
What is binge eating; they consume huge amounts of food(50,000 cals per day) then is followed by forced vomiting? Bulimia
Extreme dieting, abuse use of laxatives or ipecac syrup,diuretics, obession with food & eating, sensitive to body shape & weight, poor self concept, possible suicide, depressed,gulity & worthless and tooth decay Bulimia
A disease in which the excess weight begins to interfere with basic physiological functions such as breathing & walking. Generally it can be defined as weighing 100 pounds more than you rideal weight & your bmi is 40 or greater Morbid obesity
What are the biological reasons for morbid obesity Number of fat cells in the body, hypothyroidism & diabetes
A nursing intervention that is appropriate for a patient who is suicidal Teach heathier problem-solving skills
A person is more likely to commit sucide when he or she is apparently feeling "better"
What is the sudden ability to recall personal information as a result of some physical or psychological trauma;it is not organic;it goes beyong ordinary forgetfulness & is not the kind of memory dysfunction found in dementia. Psychogenic Amnesia
Who is Psychogenic amnesia more commmon in? adolescents and young women
Wandering, confusion & disorientation and is usually temporary is s/s of... Psychogenic Amnesia
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