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Cicero List Two

Cicero Frequency List Two Vocabulary Cards

Caedes Murder, slaughter, massacre, blood, gore
Conferre To bring together
Fieri To be made, to be done, to become, to happen
Immo No indeed, on the contrary
Iussus Order, command, decree
Machinor To devise, to plot
Mos Custom, habit
Notare To observe, to record
Pestis Plague, pestilence, curse
Quisque, quaeque, quidque Each
Pridem Some time ago, previously
Publicus Public, common
Telum Spear, weapon, javelin
Vitare To avoid
Vivere To be alive, to live
Acer, acris, acre Sharp, keen, pointed
Antiquus Old, ancient
Aperte Openly, plainly, publicly
Auctoritas Power, authority, influence
Consultum Decision, resolution, plan, decree
Cupere To wish for, to long for, to be eager for, to desire
Desse To be lacking, to fail, to be wanting
Incendium Fire, heat, conflagaration
Interficere To kill
Ocidere To kill, to murder
Orbis Sphere, region, territory
Perferre To carry through, to bear, to endure
Perniciosus Dangerous, destructive
Praeterire To pass, to go by, to disregard
Quondam Formerly, once, at one time
Studere (+dative) To desire, to be eager for, to busy oneself with
Created by: 18barkea