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F of Association

Constitutional Law

Case NameDescription
NUR v Sullivan Allowing ITGWU sole right to organise CIÉ workers would deny free choice of association, effectively denying the right altogether
Educational Company of Ireland v Fitzpatrick Injunction granted preventing union members from picketing as a person has an implicit right to choose not to join any trade union
Meskell v CIÉ CIÉ dismissed all employees in a particular grade, re-employing them only if they agreed to join and stay in a trade union
PMPS v AG PMPS were required to get a banking licence or cease carrying out banking activities, which was held to be a valid regulation of business activity Legislation not an unjust attack on property rights
Aughey Gardaí could not join a union which tried to control pay, pensions, conditions or service, as industrial relations within the guards is a matter of grave public interest and concern
Equality Authority v Portmarnock Golf Club Removal of liquor licence from a discriminating club concerned an ancillary function, so did not coerce an association to admit anyone
Wilson v UK By permitting an employer to use financial incentive to induce employee to surrender important union rights, the UK had failed in their positive duty
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