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Space Unit

What are the two types of tides? Spring Tide, Neap Tide.
What is a Spring Tide? A tide with the greatest different between low and high tides.
When does a Spring Tide happen? When the sun, earth, and moon are in a straight line.
At what phases of the moon does a Spring Tide happen? The new moon and full moon.
What is a Neap Tide? A tide with the lowest difference between low and high tides.
When does a Neap Tide happen? When the earth, moon and sun create a 90 degree angle.
At what phases of the moon does a Neap Tide happen? The First Quarter and Third Quarter.
What are the moon phases? New moon, waxing crescent moon, first quarter half moon, waxing gibbous moon, full moon, waning gibbous moon, last quarter half moon, waning crescent moon.
When does a Lunar Eclipse happen? On a full moon where the Earth is directly between the Moon and Sun.
Why does a Lunar Eclipse happen? Because the Earth is blocking the Sunlight from reaching the moon.
Why does the moon have a reddish tint during a Lunar Eclipse? Because the Earth's atmosphere bends some of the sunlight towards the moon.
When does a Solar Eclipse happen? When the Moon passes directly between the Earth and Sun.
Why does a Solar eclipse happen? Because the moon blocks sunlight from the Earth.
The Earth's nearest star is? The Sun
How long does the moon take to orbit the Earth? 27.5 days then 2 more days to catch up to the Earth.
How long does the Earth rotate for? 24 hours
How many days does it take for the earth to revolve around the Sun? 365
Who was the first man in Space? Yuri Gagarin
How often do the tides rise and fall? It rises about every 6 hours and falls about every 6 hours on a regular basis.
What is an Intertidal Zone? When an area is underwater at high tide and dry at low tide.
Define diameter. The length of the straight line through the center of a circle or another round object from side to side.
Is the Earth the center of the solar system? No, at first people thought it was but it's not.
What causes the seasons? When the Earth revolves around the sun, the different countries experience seasons.
What is the difference between revolve and rotate? Revolve means to spin and go around something but rotate means to spin around its axis.
How do you measure weight? Newtons
How do you measure mass? Kg
Order of the planets? The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Astroid Belt, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.
How does the earth affect day and night? The Earth affects day and night by rotating.
How many sides of the moon can we see? One , because the moon takes the same amount of time to rotate as it takes to revolve around the earth.
Why are there high and low tides? Because the moon pulls the earth's water towards it but also pulls the Earth a bit so there is some water left on the other side of the earth.
What are tides? The regular rising and falling of water.
Which way does the moon orbit around the earth? Counter clockwise.
When and why does an eclipse happen? It happens when the Earth is blocking the Moon's sunlight or the Moon is blocking the Earth's sunlight.
Created by: Chesire_Kitty