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Sexuality Exam 2

How many justices serve on the U.S. Supreme Court? 9
Boston Beer v. Massachusetts 1878 Is the regulation of public morality among the purposes of government? Yes
Adultery A married person has sex with someone other than their spouse
Seduction Occurs when a male obtains sexual intercourse from a virtuous female on the unfulfilled promise of marriage Laws require the woman be of previous chaste character and that the promise to marry should be absolute and precede the act of intercourse
Reynolds v. United States 1878 a religious belief cannot be made a justification for the commission of an overt act made criminal by the state. Polygamy should be protected by the state (1st amendment)
Bowers v. Hardwick 1986 5/4 decision. SC upheld a Georgia sodomy law at least as far as it applied to homosexual conduct. felony that carries up to 20 yrs in prison. court ruled and dodged heterosexual rules.
Wasson v. Commonwealth 1992 4 commonwealths in the US. KY state supreme court- among the minority of states. rules that the law was unconstitutional because it violated a right to privacy and the equal protection clause of the state constitution.
Lawrence v. Garner v. Texas 2003 decision related to sodomy statute in texas- applied to minority/ 6/3 ruling. ruled that laws prohibiting consensual adult sodomy were unconstitutional
Barnes v. Glen Theatre 1991 upheld an Indiana law that required dancers to wear pasties and g strings
Roth v. United States 1957 court ruled that obscenity is utterly without redeeming social importance. tested whether to the average person applying contemporary community standards the dominant theme of material taken as a whole appeals to the purient interest
Jacobellis v. Ohio 1964 Justice Stewart- there's a distinction between obscenity and pornography "i'll know it when I see it"
Miller v. California 1973 court said in order to ban material as obscene, states must show 3 things: roth's test-court refined community to allow local juries. whether the work depicts or describes in a patently offensive way, or whether the work taken as a whole lacks value
Paris Adult Theatre v. Slaton 1973 states have the right to maintain a decent society and can ban material as obscene even if it's only shown to consenting adults
New York v. Ferber 1982 the production and distribution of child porn is not constitutionally protected. 2 reasons: initial victimization experience and harmed by permanent record of victimization
Osborne v. Ohio 1990 possession and viewing of child porn is not constitutionally protected.
Renton v. Playtime Theatres 1986 although municipalities are barred by the 1st amendment from banning adult theatres altogether, they may use zoning regulations to restrict them to remote areas
Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition 2002 Child Pornography Prevention Act of 1996. law expanded the prohibition on child porn to include virtual porn and presentation of adults as minors. Said it was inconsistent
Reliable Consultants v. Ronnie Earle 2008 5th circuit court. artificial penises and vaginas primarily for the stimulation of sexual organs. sex toys. ruled it unconstitutional. Alabama, Mississippi, and Virginia. Violated right to engage in private conduct in the home without gov. intrusion
Created by: kelseyredding